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  1. (Byakuya waits, sitting while tapping the ground constantly with his weapons) Byakuya: (Hmm, sounds like the battle is starting to heat up. I hope they at least get close enough for me to attack)
  2. (Byakuya stretched a bit) Byakuya: Well, better hop right to it. (Byakuya heads to the arena)
  3. (Byakuya covered his mouth and nose as fast as possible) Byakuya: (Dang it! I gotta get out of here fast.) (Byakuya started to rush out with his weapons spinning around him to clear the smoke)
  4. (Byakuya continued to walk with his weapons ready) Byakuya: Come on you can't keep running around forever! Byakuya: You wouldn't want your team to lose because you were hiding. That would be quite tragic. (Byakuya stood there awaiting to hear an answer as if he knew Kirimuri was near)
  5. Byakuya: (So, he still got some energy left in him) Byakuya: I'm not letting you go so eas- (But while Byakuya's focus was on Kurimuri, he ended up getting hit by Light's attack) Byakuya: Ugh, where the heck did that come from? Byakuya: (Nevermind that. Since we're running on little time, I think luring him would be better) (Byakuya sets another nest) Light purple = Nest Purple = Byakuya
  6. Byakuya: !!! Byakuya: Phew (That was too close) (Byakuya approaches Yui) Byakuya: Take a little rest, leave this to me. (Byakuya starts to approach Kirimuri with his weapons ready in case he wasn't eliminated yet)
  7. Byakuya: Right. Byakuya: I got you now! (Byakuya sets his nest near Etomo, where it could activate)
  8. Byakuya: Well then, we'll head there and make one less person to worry about. (Byakuya starts to move towards the assigned area)
  9. Byakuya: Alright, now we're getting some where. (Byakuya follows along with the group)
  10. Byakuya: Well some of you know the basic of my abilities, I use my webs as traps to make an opening for an attack.
  11. Byakuya: So, I assume I just wait to be put on a side since I didn't choose yet. @Darkflare
  12. Verve - Elysia inn Seth: You all are already here, to be expected...
  13. Warrior's Hangout (While Byakuya was walking, he made it down to the lobby) Byakuya: Hm? Whats with all the noise? Verve - Elysia Inn Seth: That scent. Clearly it must be Breakfast time. I assume the others are already there, perhaps not all of them though. (Seth starts to make his way to the breakfast area)
  14. Warrior's Hangout - Byakuya Byakuya: Heh, morning already. I must have fell asleep pretty fast, I can't really remember what I was doing last night. (As Byakuya stretches his arms, he gets up to peek outside his room) Byakuya: Well, it's pretty quiet, despite some voices. I guess it's safe to walk around a bit. (Byakuya starts to walk in the hallway) Elysia Inn - Seth Seth: Surprisingly, I managed to get some sleep. Usually at night I would be wide awake, mostly due to my client asking me to assassinate someone. Seth: ....I still feel a bit sleepy, but I should be able to get through it. Candor Chaos: This should be a good time to make some progress. Now, let's see who would know...
  15. (Sometime after walking, the girl came to a stop and turned towards Shrike) ???: I believe this is far enough. Again, I appreciate your protection. ???: Perhaps, we will run into each other again?
  16. ???: ...... ???: I do not mind being escorted, I'm unaware of how dangerous it is here.
  17. Enkidu: Considering the state he is currently in it's possible, but try not to worry too much, it's going to take a long time for him to actually get to major strength. Well, I should get going, you all may continue on what you were doing. (Enkidu starts to walk away) ???: I appreciate your concern, but I am looking for someone... ???: He's most likely causing a little too much trouble by now, but you could say he's my sword and shield.
  18. Enkidu: Unfortunately, I need you all to avoid him as much as possible for now. Though his powers aren't intimidating to many, he still has many tricks up his sleeves. Location: Candor ???: This should be enough evidence. Now, all I need to do is track down the person who brought me here, which will seemingly take a long time, at least myself alone. ???: Surely somebody with high power would be able to summon such a portal. Judging by how powerful the portal was, I must be far away from "home." ???: Well, that's a wrap for now. It seems Azhi is back to normal, it wouldn't hurt to have him out. (A beast-like creature was summoned out, and proceeded to walk along side the person)
  19. Enkidu: I came to give a warning, there is a threat that is uprising.... Enkidu: He goes by the name "Chaos," i'm not sure where he is, but I do know he is making a move. Enkidu: I'm afraid I have very little detail of what he looks like. But he has a beast-like creature along with him... Location: Candor ???: A different dimension, huh? It's very odd yet, fascinating. But still, why was I sent here? Before I assume I should get evidence, I should call Azhi, walking around at night is potentially dangerous. (The person opens his book) ???: Tch, no response. Perhaps that portal has something to do with this. ???: -Sigh-, oh well. I guess it can't be helped. Either way, he'll recharge soon enough. ???: I shall make my time short out here, seeing as though I do not have much protection.
  20. Enkidu: It's me, Enkidu. May I have a moment to speak with you all?
  21. Enkidu: Do not worry, I will make sure to be as quiet as possible. (Enkidu starts walking toward the rooms, and then makes a sudden stop) Enkidu: (Now, who's room is who's? I suppose a guess wouldn't hurt) (Enkidu knocks lightly but noticeably on Idealis door)
  22. Somewhere in Candor City ???: (This city is larger than any city I have ever seen. With that being said, it makes it hard for me to locate him) ???: (It was pretty hard to sense, but the portal that dragged us to this place had a power that seems fit for this place.) ???: (Well, i'm sure I'll find more answers soon enough. For now, I think a break is much needed.) (The girl sits down at a nearby bench)
  23. Enkidu: Yes I am with them, but I only came here to visit them, if that's okay.
  24. Verve Inn (Enkidu stands in front of the Inn door before stepping in) Enkidu: (I feel a bit hesitant about this, but I can't ignore a threat such as this) (Enkidu then walks in the Inn) Enkidu: Excuse me, was there, by any chance, a group that came here? @A person
  25. I uuuuh, forgot what I was going to say. Carry on.