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  1. [Full Game WIP] Sonic vs Pokemon

    It's uhhh, an interesting idea, I guess.
  2. Pokémon

    So Secret1056's Latias is down, but do not fear, I've found a working link which is this
  3. Screenshots Mffa Style

    "And then you got this big Grand Dad"
  4. Fidget Spinner by jor8a

    "2017 is dead" - Me
  5. Remember the fact I was dead? Yeah, me either

  6. New Job Openings

    Hmm, I feel Social Media experts or Collections curator would be the best job for me, but that's just me and then there's the slight chance I'll get global moderator because I moderate GameBanana's Mugen page
  7. Mickey's Speedway Released

    This is pretty good, maybe even the best thing ever
  8. HI, how do i make a move into a INFINITE!

    Like everyone else, you don't, you almost never do it unless you want to faithful to something, let's say, Sonic The Fighters Bean.
  9. Christmas Releases: R.O.B is fully released!

    And that TV Hyper Grab is STILL Shit, like is does almost no damage for a level 5 hyper
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog

    So, I'm working on this (you could add this in, if you have time to)
  11. Pokémon

    You most likely did not know this, but I did make an edit to May (It's on my gamebanana (like everything else) and is quite old, so there is that) Here it is
  12. Mugen - Queen Vini Edit

    An edit to Gamerguy5's Queen vini That adds 5 new Hypers and changes some other minor things as well If you want Vini then go right here Here are some examples:
  13. Tiniest Turtles The stage

    A stage based of someone I know, but who? If you want this stage then go here The stage has since been updated with it's BGM being fully looped and a change in filenames
  14. Sonic The fighters - Sonic W.I.P

    A W.I.P for a version of Sonic that is meant to play just like he did in Sonic the fighters. Made by Me (The 14th Doctor) & Tiniest Turtles Of course It's just a Work In Progress and is in no means finished, it will get updated from time to time A huge playlist of the beginning to now for sonic on YouTube is Right Here If you want Sonic then go right here Here is an example on what he looks like: