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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    RETRO ISM and it was hear on the MUGEN stage that I used this song... On the MUGEN Battle, epic fitting for a boss battle and anything you think of it..... MY NEW FAVORITE SONG.
  2. What do you hate/don't like in a Mugen Char?

    HOME SIMPSON keep using "Bart Simpson" to shot at the other fighter or any type of cheap character. He's a spamming character!! Since I fought with him!! A cheap character maybe.
  3. Clash of the Cheap MUGEN War series

  4. MUGEN Original Character

    We all know of "Kung Fu Man" and "Kung Fu Girl". Even though, are there any MUGEN original character out there who are cheap, just regular fighter, or something else though. You like the MUGEN OC or dislike them. My only thing what I like about the MUGEN OCs are: Isabeau, Cheap Boss Type, Super Mario 64, and basicially Rare Akuma, my favorite. Omega Tom Hanks, Shoop DA Whoops - they are the best ever!! So what your, though? This is a topic about MUGEN Originals Character.
  5. This is the video I posted maybe a month ago or some week ago. I'm the one who made the soundpack for "fight" sound of Street Fighter EX3 Female Narrator- feel free to download if on my previous thread, if you want. I used to make soundpack for character for editing since 2008 till I ragged quit MUGEN since 2009. But now I'm back to it, you will see time to time there will be a video about character being voiced in the video, time to time, you see some videos for Character Soundpack editing.. Just to let you know. I'm not a MUGEN creator, but I'm more than a editor for sound only. List to do: Overlord (Transformers) - Japanese (IN PROGESS) Vile (Megaman X) - English (IN PROGESS) Sailor Moon (Anime series of Sailor Moon) - English Zero (Megaman X) - Japanese (in his MVC appearance) / Zero (Megaman X) - English (in his MVC appearance) (COMPLETE) Plans: All Sailor Scout (aka Sailor Senshi, anime series of Sailor Moon) - English
  6. What is your Real Name, really?

    Cannot give real name. But I do have a internet alias... The name is "Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi" my Italian American alias name, the internet alias name base upon of a Italian American stuff, and I'm your everyday kid legends.
  7. [SF Ex] Garuda by armin_iuf (12-21-2016)

    I seen "Garuda" in 3D model on MUGEN!! We need more Street Fighter EX characters and more Italian films character like Trash (from Bronx Warrior series). We need more of them, this is too good to be true!!!
  8. Clash of the Cheap MUGEN War series

    If you're looking more videos about the cheap character, the MUGEN video series of mine call "Clash of the Cheap MUGEN War" series is back!!! More to come!! The video of the series will be uploaded every weekday and weekend.
  9. Clash of the Cheap MUGEN War series

    If you are looking for MUGEN videos about cheap character... Here more to come!! Watch this ^ video of a epic fight..
  10. DukezKing Video

    Hey buddy. Welcome. I think this supposed to be a greeting/ introduction thread, it not the right place, sorry. :(
  11. mugenarchive needs help

    I haven't try the site yet, although I did hear about banned/ kicking out of other member, still I haven't try it yet but I don't know if it safe - hopefully there no drama?
  12. Clash of the Cheap MUGEN War series

    Watch my MUGEN videos of the beloved favorite - love or hated character beyond cheap character take one 1 vs 1, 4 v 4, or 2 v 2, or team battle, many more to watch, don't miss "Cash of the Cheap MUGEN War" the mix of "Clash of the Titans" off cheap character - with tough, god-alike, powerful, normal, whenever they can be cheap as cheating as top of the best to worse.
  13. All My Cheap Edits!

    Where also Neo Reaper Isabeau? Nevermind I got her, thank you though.
  14. 3D Crash Bandicoot

    It would be epic if some author created a edit/ custom sprite of Crash. I haven't seen one until this now, this is epic... Isn't it HI-RES or something?
  15. (WIP) Inkling Boy

    What about Inking Girl?