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  1. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    It's not available for download yet, as it was just revealed to be a WIP today.
  2. Old AI patches (e.g. 扇風機)

    Let me know when you do remember it.
  3. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    Heads up: Sennou-Room has been working on a Yukina character. Should we just say it's a WIP for now or only update when it is finished?
  4. Eternal Fighter ZERO

    Anyone have the AI patch for MVC2 Unknown from IceNinja77?
  5. Old AI patches (e.g. 扇風機)

    NOTE: This link is dead Kusamochi: Also, I was looking for Sekt's AI Patches for Tenshi.
  6.!121&authkey=AACntDKhp-eY6rw Here's my first stage release! It's my version of the school hallway from the 2006 version of the Kanon anime from Kyoto Animation. Originally IceNinja77 made this stage but since his site is unusable, the download for his version of this stage is as well. This fact was the primary motivation for me to make this stage myself. However, this stage is 1.0 only, unlike the original stage, which was made for Winmugen. And I was trying to "re-create" the stage, so it's not a widescreen stage. Another thing to note is that I'm known as GreninjaCalem658 on MUGEN Archive. Everywhere else (MFG, here, YouTube) it's NICK54222. Please keep that in mind. I hope you enjoy this stage!