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  1. 3D Crash Bandicoot

    he looks nice :D
  2. The King of Fighters '94 / '95

    :( i'm sad it wasn't no Kof 94 Vers of Heavy d and Brian Battler
  3. there will be more character's coming?

    1. WlanmaniaX


      Hopefully, after I am done with R.O.B..

    2. KlonoaFan230 Gaming
  4. MUGEN WISH LISTS! (2014)

    I FOUND A OGGY THE CAT IN MUGEN Link;http://www.mediafire.com/download/rgsw7q6v9lyl36d/oggy.zip is just spriteswap of Tom the cat.
  5. Oggy the Cat by AdhityaL

    I hope zig and sharko be playable character in mugen.
  6. MUGEN WISH LISTS! (2014)

    IS Already Oggy in mugen. but is on Mugen Archive. is very hard to get it