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  1. Cuphead

    Update: -Added Dice House by Duke of Corvus
  2. Cuphead

    Update: -Added Tipsy Troop Bar by Duke of Corvus I also added GarchompMatt's edit of Botanic Panic yesterday
  3. Cuphead

    Ah crap I forgot
  4. Cuphead

    I did make it so that they're in the order of which appears first in-game but I'm not sure if it's right
  5. Cuphead

    I deliberately held off on this because the collection is too small right now. When more Cuphead-related stuff gets released and there's a decent amount of stuff in the collection I will add the color codes and sprites mark. Added but the username in the .def file was TinCreature484 so I went with that instead
  6. Cuphead

    I decided I'm no longer listing W.I.P.s unless a beta download is available for consistency Also replaced Dice Palace's link with the link to the complete version
  7. Cuphead

    Update: -Added Cuphead and Mugman by Flake -Added Cuphead and Mugman by Billyriv -Added Cagney Carnation by John Smith -Added Cagney Carnation sprite rips Can you check who ripped Cagney's sprites and try to find a link to AngryBirdCooler's Cagney? Video:
  8. Can you also give me a link to John Smith's Cagney Carnation

  9. Cuphead

    Thanks, I will update the collection soon EDIT: Can you also give me a link to John Smith's Cagney Carnation
  10. Cuphead

    They have a grudge against the MUGEN Database and every member of its Discord. I got IP banned from MUGEN Archive along with almost every other active member there.
  11. Cuphead

    I already said in the OP that I'm unable to access MUGEN Archive so you or someone else has to download the content from MUGEN Archive and reupload it on another file hosting site, until then I can't add the links or idle animations for these
  12. Cuphead

    Update: -Added Sugarland Shimmy and Dice Palace by Duke of Corvus -Added link to Cagney Carnation by John Smith (no idle animation because I can't download the char)
  13. Cuphead

    This is a collection of all M.U.G.E.N content related to Cuphead. Please let me know if anything is missing, I may or may not update the collection ASAP. CHARACTERS: Cuphead: McHattington (Spriteswap) - Flake Mugman: Flake Cuphead and Mugman: Billyriv Cagney Carnation: John Smith Cala Maria: AngryBirdCooler STAGES: Important: All stages below except for TinCreature484's Die House and GarchompMatt's edit of Margatroid's Botanic Panic are 1.1 only! Botanic Panic: Margatroid - GarchompMatt's 1.0 edit Di(c)e House: TinCreature484 - Duke of Corvus Sugarland Shimmy: Duke of Corvus Carnival Kerfuffle: Duke of Corvus Betting Table: Duke of Corvus Dice Palace: Duke of Corvus Tipsy Troop Bar: Duke of Corvus OTHERS: Cuphead Announcer: The Boss Cuphead Announcer for Vortex Infinity lifebars: Yeeguy123 Cagney Carnation sprite rips I got IP banned from MUGEN Archive for nonsensical reasons so if something Cuphead-related can only be found on MUGEN Archive someone will have to reupload it for me. * means: Link unavailable due to the only available link being a MUGEN Archive link
  14. Retro Suika Goes Old School! (ONE FINAL UPDATE!!!!!!!!)

    But there already is one Also necrobump
  15. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    This is unrelated but that stage disturbs me