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  1. Pokémon

    That's because they ARE drawn with MS Paint.
  2. Most Disappointing Characters?

    Hong Kong Phooey by DDR Sure, it looked great when it first came out. But looking back on him, he's pretty much a mere spriteswap of Sho Nuff. Pink Panther by Ali and WlanmaniaX Rather OP character. Mid-air Medium and Heavy Kicks can be used as infinites. Bugs and overpowered moves from time to time. And the blocky, inconsistent spritework doesn't help at all. Fygar by RoySquadRocks This character is kinda lackluster. He could use some more moves.
  3. Here's something I said to Shimmering Brony regarding cartoon characters in M.U.G.E.N.:


    With cartoon characters, it all depends on you how good you make them. If you make them with source accurate material like Warner's characters and The None's Beavis and Butthead, then you got a good character. But if it's like the first version of WlanmaniaX's Rocko or Beanfan's characters, then it's not good.

    It's good to incorporate original ideas into cartoon charcters as well. WlanmaniaX's Danger Mouse had him use ray guns, grenades, and a rocket launcher. The only weapon DM ever actually carried in the show was a pistol, and it was only shown in one episode.

    And BTW, certain characters fit, others don't. Here's an example:
    Sunset Shimmer having firebending powers and athletic abilities makes her a good fighter. But for Fluttershy, she's very kind-hearted and wouldn't hurt anybody, so she's not a good idea for a M.U.G.E.N. fighter.

    The main thing that matters when you're making a character from a cartoon or anime is that you give them moves that they have used in their source material (Panty's gun, Vicky's chainsaw and other weapons, Stocking's swords, etc.), but it's okay to give them moves that you thought up of as well.

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    2. SSBKing65✯


      There's characters who never even fight but people still created an original moveset for em, like some original and inanimate object characters, and non fighters like Captain Falcon, who's moveset was made up just for Smash. And it worked very well. As long as you have the creativity anything's possible, especially in Mugen. It's neat seeing other characters become fighters with their own unique movesets.

    3. Pluscross


      Uh, MLP is one of those shows in general that will never translate well. One of many shows. That one fighter isn't that indepth from what I've heard, and most of the time they wind up with REALLY silly nonsense compared to the theme of the show... There's artistic license and there's just stupidity, even Smash Bros. fringes on stupidity quite a bit of the time, 4 ESPECIALLY.


      SpongeBob is one that could work better, at least with the main crew. The superhero episode for example, the episode where Sandy teaches Squidward karate, several episodes about Patrick, etc...

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      "fluttershy not a fighter"

      too bad, fighting is magic exists and they said otherwise.

  4. RMaster's Sprites

    That's because I made it in Warner's style. Also, it's traced off of his idle from the American Dad vs. Family Guy flash game.
  5. RMaster's Sprites

    RMaster's Sprites Decided to start up a new topic for these. InuYasha (InuYasha) Drinky Crow (The Drinky Crow Show) Phillip J. Fry (Futurama) Brain Griffin (Family Guy) Fido Dido (7up) Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes) Ronald "Mac" McDonald (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
  6. The Doomsday Clock: Yet another way for scientists to try and make themselves sound smart.

    It's only Janurary and already dumb people like the president are fucking everything up.

  7. tim_by_rm007returns-dbzuktl.png

    Here's a transparent Tim cowering. Have fun with it.

  8. I downloaded Pocket Ibuki recently, and I noticed something rather odd with her Samurai hyper. That hyper puts the opponent in state 6000, something that is usually used for calling assists. I used it on Dib, Rocko, and Shock, and it caused a bunch of clones to appear and call in assists. When it was used on Zim, it resulted in a G.I.R. army.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Which one tho?

  9. Shock

    Made a small update to him, expect a few small updates before the final release. What's been updated: - Increased walk speed to 1.6 (Thanks to BrawlTheMan for the feedback) - Fixed head and mid pos. - Added medium version of Uppercut special - Fixed hit and landing sounds for Uppercut special - Medium punches and kicks, Standing Strong Punch, and Standing Strong Kick can now be chained into specials - Standing Strong Punch, Standing Strong Kick, and Double Punch can now be chained into hypers - Fixed air.velocity for Standing Strong Punch (-2,-18 to -7) - Fixed air.velocity for Aerial Strong Punch - Updated animation ticks for Double Punch and Beatdown New link is on main post.
  10. Shock

    Shock Happy New Year's Eve, everyone. Shock's beta is out, and he's much better than the previous one. He's still a beta, so there's still more stuff to add. Any feedback is appreciated. Get him here
  11. Childrens Cartoon characters you would like to see on Mugen

    - A decent Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) - A decent Plankton (Spongebob Squarepants) - CatDog - Emperor Zurg (Toy Story) - Ickis and Oblina (Aaahh!! Real Monsters) - A decent Po (Kung Fu Panda) - Skipper (Madagascar)
  12. New rule: No more hosting images on Photobucket.

    The reason is because Photobucket is a fricking piece of shit.

    1. Eduardo Merenda

      Eduardo Merenda

      Why? Because this site is FULL OF ADS to the point of cause slowdown?

      Or just for the fact that you have to pay for makeing the 3rd party hosting?

      YEAH! PhotoBucket is turning a cactus!

  13. Commander Keen Blasts Off! (ONE FINAL HYPER!!!)

    Loving it. Would like to see a Minesweeper-based special. I know it's not a DOS game, but hey, Windows 95!
  14. yosemite_sam_by_rm007returns-dbwvifz.png

    1. Pluscross


      Man, it's going to be awesome to have another Looney Tunes character after so long.


      DDR's Marvin ain't going to cut it, don't remember about his Fudd... Effects still hold up to this day though, especially on Marvin.

    2. RMaster007


      DDR's Looney Tunes are pretty great, and Gossamer will be released once he gets enough funding.


      Of course, Sam isn't main priority, Shock is.

  15. Just letting you guys know that the voting has ended. Yosemite Sam and Daggett win.

    Also, Daggett and Oggy got tied with 4 votes for both, but I'm doing Daggett first since a lot more people are familiar with The Angry Beavers than Oggy and the Cockroaches.

  16. ElectricBlast.png?attachauth=ANoY7cqk7qV

    Shock is around 50% complete.

  17. Vote for what character you want to see me make in the future!


    1. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      Yosemite Sam.


      I feel that, like Garfield or Lucky Star, there's a lack of good Looney Tunes creations.

    2. Lucariofan1999


      I will pick oggy. ( I always wanted him in mugen ).

  18. I'm actually thinking about making Cuphead for M.U.G.E.N...

    I haven't played the game yet, but I feel like I could make a decent version.

    Also, I found my 3DS recently, which is what I'm going to use to record my voice for Shock. My voice kinda sounds awkward in real life....

    Hoping to get a beta of Shock done for public testing around New Year's Eve.

    1. Pluscross


      Hoping for the scrapped "big straw attack" Super Art to make it in.

    2. RMaster007


      I need to see what it looks like.

    3. Pluscross
  19. I might know how. I saw some code in Chargin' Chuck when I was editing him. This code is in the CMD file and it prevented projectile moves from being used when another projectile was on screen. I can show you the code later. Edit: Here's what you should insert: triggerall = numhelper(6309) = 0
  20. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    Mario and Luigi by ShinRyoga - Cheap as shit AI. Megaman - Don't exactly know which one, but the version I got when I first started playing M.U.G.E.N can perform an infinite combo. Tom, Tintin, and Miley by Hannah Montana - Tom's AI spams cheap projectiles, Tintin spams a special that makes him invincible, and Miley spams a special where she goes full-on retard and seizures all over the floor.