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  1. RM007's Sprites

    Okay and hell no.
  2. The Best MUGEN characters for your roster

    Beavis, Butthead, Jesse, Dee Bee Kaw, and Dink Smallwood (The None) Zim, Dib, and Rocko (WlanmaniaX) Pac-Man and Shovel Knight (RoySquadRocks) Bender (Warner)
  3. Super Mario Bros.

    Chargin' Chuck edit by me
  4. Happy Halloween, y'all.

    So, some news. No Shock beta release today. I want to work on him more before I actually want to release a beta. I might send him to some people for beta testing if interested.

  5. INWdIkv.png

    You already know it's going to happen.

    1. Pluscross


      The best Blob, you mean?

    2. RMaster007


      Damn right.

      There's already a pre-existing spritesheet of him, but that one was missing some sprites such as special moves, cut in half, and squashed. I wanna make him as source accurate as I can. But he will have hyper moves like LordShade's ClayFighters.

  6. Personally want to see Gene.
  7. Wanna know what I did to get some voice clips? I used the audio logging feature of Project64 to record sounds (make sure that the music is turned off in the game) and paused the game at certain moments to get voice clips without any other sounds overlaying them. Once done, I used Audio Cutter to rip the individual sounds.
  8. Screenshots Mffa Style

    And yes, that is supposed to be based off of Blob's Standing Medium Punch from 63 1/3. Best part of it? I ripped the sound effect from 63 1/3 myself using Project64's audio logging feature and Audio Cutter.
  9. Post Fanart Thread

  10. Screenshots Mffa Style

  11. Currently working on a soundpack for Nico.

    Here's a hint: "What doth life?"

  12. Grim Reaper Spritesheet by Mugen Toons

    That might be 90% impossible.
  13. Chargin' Chuck Edit Released (08/30/17)

    Chargin' Chuck has been updated. What's new: -Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro and Mini Rhino can now be hit. -Updated standing strong kick animation. -Updated air attack animations. -Fixed Rock Throw special. Now, you can't use the move if a rock is onscreen. -Baseball specials can't be used if a rock is onscreen. Link on main post.
  14. frogsplits_lc.giffrognastics_lc.giffrogbalance_mw.gif

    Wait for it....