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  1. New request

    Poor hikaru,she needs these voicepack. And the ai patch.

  2. Voicepack and ai needed

    Poor hikaru by Tokage she needs voice. Any info where i can find the voicepack or else Where are the source anime voices to rip and get some??? As for her ai,Where i can find?,What's the creator of both???
  3. TwinBee

    This pastel is from Jotei senki 4 heroines forever not twinbee...
  4. Can i edit your stages... the mugenarchive is detecting parallax code and zoom code!!!!!!

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    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      Does this even matter Jansen? I often just skip over the Metadata. That's such a trivial thing to rant at someone with.

    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Okay! I Think I Understand What You're Talking About Regarding The "Fake Coding" Thing. I Saw Your Edit Of My Basketball Stage And I See That You Took Out The [BG 1] and The "[BG 2]= Parallax" On The "DEF' File. Thank You Jansen121 and Flare-Gamer-64 For All Of Your Feedback! I Love To Help The MUGEN Community Anyway I Can So It Gives Me A Better Understanding About Creating MUGEN Stages For The Future! Thank You For The Information! Caring Is Sharing! ^_^

    4. Darkflare


      Can you not bring up MA around here?


      That would be super.

  5. I Am not sure about the site where i download this claude c kenny. And not sure who made these 2 Super butouden 2 broly (both versions)
  6. SWORD DANCER (PC98) SERIES. NOTE: I Could not find the logo anyway. Collection with characters from the PC98 Fighting game franchise from TGL. All character conversions for mugen are Made by mer. Enjoy! Thanks to this site for the Images. Click on the icons to download the characters. Select your Fighter (Sword Dancer Extra Number '93): Zizel,Shop,Setsuna. Select your Fighter (Sword Dancer: Kyoujin no Megami): Byakko. (The only character in the game of the series to be converted in mugen.) NOT CONVERTED YET LIST (Sword Dancer Extra Number '93): Hien,Tetta,Agadil,Knight,Temjin,Anna. NOT CONVERTED YET LIST (Sword Dancer: Kyoujin no Megami): Hien,Jaryou,Kugutu,Genbu,Seiryu,Agadil,Suzaku NOTE: Characters from the first sword dancer game,including stages and addons from all Games are not-converted too. Maybe in the future!
  7. This broly SB2 (Both versions) and an Claude C. Kenny request Who are authors of both the characters? Any site or info where they can be found anywhere?
  8. Basara X Soundtrack

    DO NOT REQUEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (OST) OR ARTIST ALBUMS. This is just an thing,please do not request this... Will be inverted soon.
  9. Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels

    I Talk,TORAO not taro.
  10. Eve B.C. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=ED3006F816FE9166!292&cid=ED3006F816FE9166 AI http://web.archive.org/web/20160310195828/http://page.freett.com/kuronmugen/
  11. New request:

    for some reason i'm havin' an break at VNDB.ORG

  12. This cirno?

    This cirno? I Need the entire touhou umvc3 cast. I Need this umvc3 cirno by hcl please. NOTE: If rellua makes one cirno in umvc3 style,i be happy.
  13. Looking for these stuff

    Looking for these stuff I Am looking for these things here. SNS Luigi previous version 2 voicepacks for minoo chars That char in right The another ascii char
  14. Because flare was doing bad reputation in my collection i changed my username



      that makes no sense..........

    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      So? That doesn't mean I won't recognise you, Jansen.