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  1. Makuoka Donazo

    I Officialy want this char in right
  2. Help me please

    Lazy to make requests so i want this Chi-death and this stage. idk from what visual novel is from.
    1. Rimu


      Well, I can't say that I'm angry or anything. I just feel disappointedbored-raccoon-emoticon.gif?1302774067

  3. Want this Wynn

    Make atlantis no nazo real on Mugen! It's hard to find char
  4. Mega Man Arcade (Power Battle / Power Fighters)

    Collection has a lot of missing stuff 0/0 - IGN Would be better if i download the Calamix power fighters and desmolebox the game...
  5. Gundam shenlong by CGH

    The link of skydrive was broken so i can not have him... He's lost forever...
  6. Fei long AI Patch

    I Am upset that his skydrive is down,What the hell...
  7. 2 Of these marios

    Lot of people wants this,So good that Syu Takazaki released this mario from supermario rpg...
  8. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    That alice edit i might try soon!
  9. Alicesoft

    @Glorious Showoff Due to the adult nature of alicesoft,they blocked the website so only japan can access it
  10. Alicesoft

    I Forgot my first contact with alice soft! I was seeing Big bang beat article who got me into the Article
  11. Now i am using this icon of an character from Hey Arnold! (i renember that show xd)


  12. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    I Even changed my name with my real name (Parody name for "Aselia the Eternal" or: "Spirit of eternity sword" An rpg by Xuse)
  13. Rinne by mm [10/21/2017]

    She's coming on the graves to kill people...
  14. Lilly [Alpha] by CSNkz [9/2/2017]

    It's "Meister" not "Master"