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  1. Aska Himeko by Rojin70 updated (08/30/2015)

    They where specificaly talking about the male voice sample. And it doesn't change the fact that they used a "him" when reffering to the character. "One of his supers" is undoubtibly speaking of the character. I'm not doing this just to bother people, it is just good for everyone if people just use the correct pronoun. I know it is something that is problematic and few people think about it. It's not to start any fight, just a nudge on the right direction.
  2. Aska Himeko by Rojin70 updated (08/30/2015)

    Hey people, stop using male pronouns when you think the character is transgender(Or Trap), it is extremely transphobic.
  3. Perfect Select 2015.1 released

    It is now what the GoodSet is for the emulation community, a kind of compreensive guide of all known catalogued mugen creations in the known internet. But thanks to sturgeon law, it is now mostly crappy minor edits, because people release those by thousands. I wonder if they atleast find the original authors on those docs. I'm already getting annoyed by the ammount of people doing those crappy edits erasing the names of the original authors. Like the Palette Edit PewDiePie of Rikard's Rikard, who hade the stone faced guts of erasing the name of the original author. Or Tehbazzard's School Girl Lilith, that is a name swap+custom combo from Sailor Lilith while claiming all of the credit. It even got a hiralously bad topic discussion on The Guild.
  4. Ranmaru by Flam released (08/01/2015)

    Damn straight. Contrary to other series who just either a pro/counter religion standpoint all around or deals with all religions with a similar curiosity, SNK has a thing for using the Catholic God (Might I point out, the Catholic god specifically, not the Hebrew one) as a brainwashing demon. But cultural differences, I can't say much of anything about how they view it as even among japaneses their own history is up for debate.
  5. Ranmaru by Flam released (08/01/2015)

    Ranmaru is a young man who was a protegee of the Oda clan. He was a loyal warrior and served as a retainer for Nobunaga during the Sengoku Jidai. He was very young and this is why they crank his bishonen style up to eleven. He died alongside Nobunaga, so this is why he is generally his subboss on games Nobunaga is featured. He is designed the same way as Amakusa, who is based on the historical Amakusa, a japanese born man who adopted Catholicism and became a sort of messiah in certain regions of japan at a very young age. He died during a hostile takeover of his village, as he was responsible for starting farmer revolts against the emperor for better treatment of the working class. To those connecting the dots, Ambrosia, the demon that takes over him in the Samurai Shodown series is hinted at being the Catholic God, and Amakusa's possession and brainwashing powers are a deturpation of his missionary work, saying his faith was actually a brainwashing demon. Go figure.
  6. Ranmaru by Flam released (08/01/2015)

    I hope he is less cheap than the other one, who spammed instadeath. I can't remember the author of the other one.
  7. Hi, please, correct the credits here, TehBazzard actually just stole the char from Tokuninashii, changed the author name on def file and started sharing the character with his own name to dupe people. Don't let him get credit for work he didn't do. The Simon99514 edit though, is AOK. I will download to see if it is cool. Tokuninashii and Simon99514 should be the only ones getting credit for this char.
  8. Rila by DrKelexo released (9/22/2014)

    You mean me? Obviously I'm pleased, I'm a madmen for brazilian jungles themed characters. So RILA there it goes.
  9. Juri Han by Chuchoryu Released 9/5/14

    Wow, it's amazing to see a Chucho post not exploding the Guild. And the best, the feedback was actually useful. Maybe we are seeing history being made friends. I hope someday I can look at Chucho and see him sharing space with the greats in the Mugen Hall of Fame. Let's hope he goes through with this one, because right now, it's in a better state than most of his other creations. Maybe he could ask Borewood for help, the guy already have a lot of experience with Juri, he would be useful to make the character a little more streamlined.
  10. A-Kusanagi XI UM by Mr-Karate

    WTF! What an information overload mein goth! Another Kusanagi XI UM = Another Another Kyo XI Style Unlimited Match System. Yes, he sure seens interesting. He looks like an inbetween version of Kyo XIII and Neo Kyo XI. A good combo for my tastes.
  11. Archetype HD & Ryougi Shiki HD released by 41 2014-08-04

    OOOOOH. Thank you. I was a little confused by the HD.
  12. Archetype HD & Ryougi Shiki HD released by 41 2014-08-04

    What's HD about them? They look SD like allways, and their portrait aren't even rescaled. The effects are SD too.
  13. "Shao Khan" by Chuchoryu Released

    I'm really sorry if we are sounding/acting in an arrogant maner, it's just that everytime it's the same tango and everyone here is exhausted of repeating the same discussion over and over, with the same arguments. By now you can only get angry at, laugh at or be disapointed at the fact that there's still people here using the same defences that where discussed and debunked numerous times before. You can check by yourself, every single Chuch news went exactly like this. And believe it or not, it's not the first time we had to explain what I'm explaining right now, just so you can get a perspective on things.
  14. Should I be fixing the mkp characters

    I would love that, there's a serious lack of MK chars that have custom gameplay, having more and with the same system would be amazing, I bekieve the last big effort was from Mike Obrekt, but they wheren't as smooth as the newer ones.
  15. "Shao Khan" by Chuchoryu Released

    Don't be so harsh Darkflare, sending people to MMV is a little overkill don't you think? Maybe IMT, but MMV is a little too much.