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  1. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Aska Himeko by Rojin70 updated (08/30/2015)   

    They where specificaly talking about the male voice sample. And it doesn't change the fact that they used a "him" when reffering to the character.
    "One of his supers" is undoubtibly speaking of the character.
    I'm not doing this just to bother people, it is just good for everyone if people just use the correct pronoun. I know it is something that is problematic and few people think about it. It's not to start any fight, just a nudge on the right direction.
  2. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Aska Himeko by Rojin70 updated (08/30/2015)   

    Hey people, stop using male pronouns when you think the character is transgender(Or Trap), it is extremely transphobic.
  3. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Schoolgirl Lilith by TehBazzard edited by simon99514   

    Hi, please, correct the credits here, TehBazzard actually just stole the char from Tokuninashii, changed the author name on def file and started sharing the character with his own name to dupe people. Don't let him get credit for work he didn't do. The Simon99514 edit though, is AOK. I will download to see if it is cool. Tokuninashii and Simon99514 should be the only ones getting credit for this char.
  4. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Should I be fixing the mkp characters   

    I would love that, there's a serious lack of MK chars that have custom gameplay, having more and with the same system would be amazing, I bekieve the last big effort was from Mike Obrekt, but they wheren't as smooth as the newer ones.
  5. berserkx33 added a post in a topic What happened to the projects on the deffunct MugenChina?   

    It's so sad. Well, atleast their chars are still around. And no one can say that KOFZ was not a huge contribution to the Mugen image on the mainstream gaming community.
  6. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Ideas for New Movesets   

    Woaw, you shouldn't have done that, now you've unleashed the beast that's inside me.
    I LOVE MEGAMAN AND FIGHTING GAMES. And because of it became a little too much obsessed on making fighting game movelists for all the robots in the series. And since I'm really against clone or redundant characters, I like to give every single character a well tought out and stylized moveset. Also, I'm a super retro buff, and as such, made some movelists for other game characters.
    Here's just a little taste, maybe tomorow I will post more movesets, it's just that it's late in the night and I can't bother to find my notebook.
    Movelist for Classic Rockman (When I post the other movesets you will understand why the japanese name)

    Also, if you see some tools from his arsenal are missing in this movelist (Items and Adapters), they are not, it's just that I've given them to other characters/versions.
  7. berserkx33 added a topic in [ MUGEN DISCUSSION ]   

    What happened to the projects on the deffunct MugenChina?
    I've been remembering some chars I have, and stumbled upon the MX series made by Fido, who was a member o MugenChina and hosted his chars there.
    A lot of the members of MugenChina didn't have their own sites, and when the forum was taken down, most of their chars became warehouse only.
    I became a little curious but was not able to find too much about the subject. What happened to all the projects in motion on MugenChina after their death?
    King of Fighters Zillion is one of the projects that spark to mind when I remember MugenChina.
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  8. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Character coming back from the beyond O.O   

    Run to the hills! Vader finished evolving and turned into the Mugen Space Jesus, run before he start multiplying the kulas again. THE TERROOOOOR!
    But seriously, I've run into this kind of issue, it's generally related to characters have death related triggers. It was probably motaro's fatality triggering wrong because you where in a team match.
  9. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Name of that music track.   

    It's a hard one, this music sound like a generic eletro, specially since it's so low when compared to the sound effects of the video, the one during the fatal KO's is called Sentoo though.
  10. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Five Word Never Ending Story   

    Tingling of a lifetime in
  11. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Five Word Never Ending Story   

    Who then asked Mother Russia
  12. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Five Word Never Ending Story   

    Bringing Sunshine, Happyness and Dongs.exe
  13. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Name that video game pic   

    Hey, since none posted a new picture to keep up the game, may I restart it?
    Here, I want to see you people guess that(this one is one of the least obscures):

    Hint, hint: The clue for it hides under the search for evolution.
  14. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Quick VS Engine - BerserkMugen   

    Could be possible with the effect chars, I was already thinking of a mode where the effect character would prevent the players from dying and instead spawn gems ala's digimon battle spirit. The winner would be the one with the most gems.
    Also, there's the amazing King of Fighters Battle Fantasia system where you actually drop items every time you are hit and vise versa, and those items affect your stats.
  15. berserkx33 added a post in a topic Quick VS Engine - BerserkMugen   

    I would like to ask people ideas on the various kinds of game modes. I've started the logic for some modes and I would like to start with a wide base and improve from there. I'm open to new game modes too. Just post some interesting explanation for the mode and we can find a way of making it work.
    Here are the modes I've already thought of:
    - Arcade Mode (Classic): Normal mode with a set number of matches. The number of matches and general difficulty can be set separately.
    - Arcade Mode (Team): You can make a team of players to help each other in Arcade Mode.
    - *History Mode: A custom made mode that can have set fights and pre fight dialogs directly on the GUI. (Allow custom fight parameters, like life and power bars or helper characters).
    - Survival Mode (Classic): Consecutive fights with only a small HP recovery in between fights and a consistent power bar.
    - Survival Mode (Team): Players can play togheter to see how far everyone can last. After a number of set consecutive fights a dead player can be revived.
    - Time Attack Mode: Player most find who can get the best score under a limited time.
    - Tournament Mode (Classic): You can set a tournament between a set number of players. Elimination and Round-Robin modes.
    - Tournament Mode (Team): You can make teams for players to compete. You can choose to perm-eliminate a team member after a set number of defeats.
    - *Colliseum Mode: Players will fight with randomly chosen arenas with special rules.
    - King of the Hill Mode: Players must compete to stay with the crown for a set number of consecutive fights.
    - Time Bomb Mode: Players must compete pass the bomb to someone else before it goes off.
    - *Saga Mode: Special mode where you can create a custom history and map where players can fight and obtain Sittuation Cards (Effects that can change a fight parameters) and reach an objective.
    - *Adventure Mode: Special mode where you can navigate custom maps freely and obtain Sittuation Cards or do Quests (Custom Matches that can be placed around the map).
    - *Tower Mode: Special mode where you can climb a tower with a set number of floors and various rooms filled with Quests and Sittuation Cards.
    (*): Any mode with this mark will start with only the life and power bar parameters, but I'm thinking of asking some help and developing "effect" characters. Those chars will actually not fight, but only apply special effects during the fight, like: Posion, Earthquake, Slowmotion, Heal, Power Charge, etc. This is mostly because Quick VS. have a very annoying flaw where you can't set both players on the same team, because when you set 2 player controled characters on the same side, they are controlled by the same player. So thinking of this, I'm want to include factory set "effect" characters on the engine, that can be used to add custom parameters to the fights. I just need some mugen programmer to help with this, because I can make the graphical effects for them.
    Also, I'm adding a score system and a category system. Their logic was already started so feel free give some ideas. I have until now:
    - Gender: Male, Female or Other
    - Game: Original game(or anything really) it came from.
    - Archetype: Caracteristics like Shotocan, Swordman, Gunslinger, Super Hero, etc.
    - Fighting Style: Their main fighting styles, like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jet Kune Do, Muay Thay, etc.
    - Victories
    To anyone interested, I'm also adding this post to the original one as a spoiler, so it can be easy to find. Also, if I update this list, it will be posted edited on the original post's spoiler and not here. Good Bye.