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  1. So is the download link updated with patch fix?
  2. what is the source image you used to make this stage? I don't recognize it.
  3. Which is why I mentioned adding fog in the foreground of the photo obscuring the little plants. Something like this effect: The dedicated next step would be to open the picture in Adobe Photoshop. Make several layers. Assign plants to the layers by making selections and cropping them out of the photo.Then animate them by offsetting the plants in each layer to create movement. Save the layers as frames. String the frames together to form an animation. Port it to mugen and test it.
  4. Maybe adding in some moving mist (and or light filters) would help with this?
  5. Isn't this the same creator that made those initial Blazblue characters? Anyway, I hope the issues Dizzy mentioned are addressed. I think I will hold off on DL for now.
  6. Looks good from the screenshots. Will keep an eye on this one.
  7. Is it just me or are a lot of image links broken?

  8. Confirmation on cancellation? I haven't been on the site in a while. Has SxVector decided to take a break from Mugen?
  9. If I was a creator, I would be pretty pleased that people are willing to download and use something I made as long as I was credited which you were dude.
  10. So he is related to Goku?
  11. Are those sounds from the Punisher console game?
  12. Link for Mr. Incredible seems to not be working.
  13. Awesome release. Thank you for sharing.
  14. DBZ and Capcom. The Crossover that could have been. So this character is basically just a resprite edit of Ken from SF?
  15. what is the source material this character is from?