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  1. Dot is having a hiatus due the lack of support from my spriter.


    Wish I had a more skilled spriter to help out.

    1. Galvatron


      I didn't know..... sorry to hear about it Toshio!

      If only I was better in drawing and spriting I would help you with your Dot project.....but unfortunitly im no Artist. :-(

  2. Toshio Wip topic

    Dot is under hiatus due the lack of support from my spriter, unfortunatelly. By the way, Dot use her butt to launch the enemy, not her tail, after all she got the buns (sorry for the lame pun). I don't intended to make the p2 dizzy if the bomb hits, my idea is to make the moves pretty balanced. Yeah, the heart explod is troublesome, need to see what's the problem. I'll re-watch many episodes in order to get more sprite reference.
  3. I've sent Dot's latest update for both Ryochi and Galvatron.

    I'll be looking forward to see their feedback in the post.

    1. Galvatron


      Thanks for the notice Toshio, Ill try her out when I soon as possible.

  4. Toshio Wip topic

    Update 08/07/15: a) Added "Blow a Kiss". b) Added Bomb Throw. c) Updated throw. d) Added air hammer move. Video:  
  5. I've been drawing more latelly.

    But, I still plan to finish Dot, though I'd hope my sprite assistant can help me more.

    1. Galvatron


      Its all good Toshio. Just take all the time you need. :-)

  6. Dragontank By The None released (6/28/2015)

    Can't beat it, that char recharge health very quickly and move way too fast. It should had been more balanced.
  7. SFZ3 Maki & SFZ3 Akuma/Gouki released by Ehnyd (2015/07/04)

    So, these characters are more accurate to the source game? I've been waiting for something which is more complete than M.M.R's Gouki.
  8. Toshio Wip topic

    Still working on Dot.   If anyone finds sprites which could fit with that project, then let me know.
  9. Tora [Ushio and Tora]

    Ushio & Tora is a manga and OVA series.   It's about Ushio Aotsuki who heard many stories from his father about a youkai which was defeated by their ancestor who is still alive and sealed in the temple. Ushio always thought these stories were nuts till he found the youkai by himself in the basement and was forced to release him from the Beast Spear which keept him captive for 500 years.
  10. Toshio Wip topic

    I'm making the frying pan move for the ~d,db,b, a.   So, the mallet might be the ~d,db,b, b   Dot will have 3 different projectiles:   a) Blow a kiss which launch a heart as an projectile like the Genesis game.   b) The basic anvil throw from A Gigantic Adventure.   c) A dynamite throw.
  11. There is a character who use frying pans as weapons?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Arturia Skywalker

      Arturia Skywalker

      Well there's Hisui from the Melty Blood games who uses a frying pan for one of her attacks.

    3. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      That girl from Lunar i forgot the name.

    4. DarkWolf13


      Hsien-Ko toss a pan as a projectile... not sure if that's a dizzy-inflicting projectile.

  12. Toshio Wip topic

    I'm not sure how I'll code the brothers as helpers, they could appear in special introductions and win poses.   This is the original Gossamer which I'm talking about, he is not the misleading little kid from The Looney Tunes Show.
  13. Toshio Wip topic

    I don't really have the interest of making a custom state for p2 just because the hammer hits, so it'll be like that.   The hammer move will have an aerial version as well.   I have planned the following supers:   a) Dynamite: Throw a huge chunk of dynamite in the p2.   b) Slappy: Dot stun the p2 and Slappy leaves a bomb next to the victim, then she escapes. Once it explodes, she appears giving a close-up saying "Now it's comedy!"   c) Beast Gossamer: Dot opens her pet box and Beast Gossamer (which means the original and feral Gossamer, not the wimp from The Looney Tunes Show) attacks the enemy with a  fierce punch.   d) Here's our show name-y: The Animaniacs logo with the Warner Bros Shield falls in the p2 causing heavy damage.