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  1. I'm working on Dot's Frying Pan move which is based in The Great Edgar Hunt.

    That move might destroy some projectiles, though it'll be weaker than her hammer move.

    By the way, seems that many of my character pages got deleted from M.U.G.E.N Wiki for whatever reason.

    1. Galvatron


      Awesome Man! glad to see ya back in action.

      Yeah some stuff been going on lately in the mugen community with the uploads/downloads on characters and stages and the issues currently with 'mugen Archieve' dealing with stuff linking with adfly ads... :-P


      But some of us been helping re uploading some mugen content. Also our friends Ryoucchi and others been redoing the collections one of them is with your characters you made from Magical Chasers: SoD:☆chaser-~stardust-of-dreams~/



  2. There is a friend who might help out. I'll just wait him to return from a trip. Besides Dot, I got the idea of making a new character based in Animal Crossing series which is not the Villager. I'll practice pixel art in that character PMD model which allows unique poses and moves.
  3. Hope someone on mugen wiki point out Jarquin's inability to keep promises and that he is not worth of trust. I trusted on him and ended up going into temporary retirement for NOTHING and just because his cartoon will die which is unevitable. Man, I can't just keep waiting till june, that project is two years old and can't keep like that. That guy need to learn things the hard way, he can't just let everyone down like that. It's not just me who want Dot to be completed. Anyway, I despeately need a new sprites, I don't even know it that guy will ever reconsider his lack of consideration.
  4. It's lame from his part breaking such a old promise. After all, my work is old and I need a spriter in order to make Dot smooth and sharming. He doesn't even is mature enough to accept that betraying a friend won't give him no good. Hope someone spread the word that he is not worth of trust as a spriter. He can't even accept that not everyone plays mugen and neither that not everyone care about Wander Yonder. That guy don't even understand the importance of accomplishing a project before helping someone later.
  5. Hello, guys! It's been a long time. I haven't quitted mugen, unfortunatelly, my project of making Dot Warner went into development hell, My spriter supporter Jarquin has once again let me down. He promised to help me after such a long time and barely did anything. Then, upon learning that Wander Yonder will be cancelled, Jarquin broke his promise to help another maker in order to make Wander Yonder for mugen. It's so shameful that a project of two years old was turned down in favor of a cartoon which is doomed. Tried to convince Jarquin the importance of finishing what he started, but he didn't listen and I need a skilled spriter to help out. Sadly, Jarquin is not trustworthy, he break older promises easily just to help new people without any regard or remorse for those he abandoned and it's the 2nd time which he does that. The first time was when he wanted to help someone to make El Chavo del Ocho, but that character was never completed and I only wasted my time. I still wish to complete Dot Warner, I just can't accept his attitude of making me wait for months and even if I wait, he'll break his promise once again. If someone want to help, then let me know, it's difficult to put all of my ideas just by myself.
  6. I know its been awhile since i heard from you. I just want to tell ya happy Birthday to ya Toshio. Hope you are doing Well.

  7. Dot is having a hiatus due the lack of support from my spriter.


    Wish I had a more skilled spriter to help out.

    1. Galvatron


      I didn't know..... sorry to hear about it Toshio!

      If only I was better in drawing and spriting I would help you with your Dot project.....but unfortunitly im no Artist. :-(

  8. Dot is under hiatus due the lack of support from my spriter, unfortunatelly. By the way, Dot use her butt to launch the enemy, not her tail, after all she got the buns (sorry for the lame pun). I don't intended to make the p2 dizzy if the bomb hits, my idea is to make the moves pretty balanced. Yeah, the heart explod is troublesome, need to see what's the problem. I'll re-watch many episodes in order to get more sprite reference.
  9. I've sent Dot's latest update for both Ryochi and Galvatron.

    I'll be looking forward to see their feedback in the post.

    1. Galvatron


      Thanks for the notice Toshio, Ill try her out when I soon as possible.

  10. Update 08/07/15: a) Added "Blow a Kiss". b) Added Bomb Throw. c) Updated throw. d) Added air hammer move. Video:
  11. A lot of people got disappointed with the lack of a female character, but a Zelda game doesn't even need that. What matters in a Zelda game is the adventure, challenge and story and not just the fact the protagonist is male or female. I don't even bothered when I learned the playable character was not Zelda. Besides, changing the character gender would be just a fetish for someone who don't play a game for it's true replay value. If they trully want a game which the protagonist is female, then they should just play Final Fantasy games who usually change protagonists in each sequel instead of bawing that they can't get a female Link.
  12. I suppose this game could work a bit like Partners In Time which had four buttons for the four playable characters.
  13. That game is pretty interesting. No Paper Luigi? Guess, not until it's completed.