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  1. If you haven't met Sally, consider yourself lucky. He... Changes people.
  2. So many newbies. Hopefully being taught and guided correctly, hm? ;) Where's Sally when you need it
  3. I won't be here all the time, but I will when I can. Life is what it is. Alp, we need to find a way to multiplayer SoR Remake. I love that game.
  4. Damn! Legato! How's it going, man? I'm well. For now, of course. You know how Crono's life goes haha. I'm sort of easing my way back into MUGEN. Its been awhile. Anything major, anything big that I should take a look at? All I have at the moment is the newest release of the engine, as well as that newfangled drag and drop character select thing (so COOL).
  5. Damn, so many new faces! And so many old ones filling out the absentee ballot. Its like a twenty man shuffle in here. Ryon, where is everyone? Anyway, nice to meet you new guys, and to the old members, I must say I actually missed you a little bit. :3 EDIT: I STILL have more posts than Ryon!? HAHAHAHA
  6. I'm back in the MUGEN mood, y'all. Nice to see you guys again. Been a long time.
  7. Ouch. I was really excited until I saw the art quality.
  8. ...I kinda wanted to see Prostitute Cammy...
  9. Bleach movie and DBE2 possibly in the works

    *Disgusted *shouldn't "have" been called *Desperate DBE is awful. Airbender was worse. 'Nuff said. I suppose some of the Gantz live action wasn't THAT bad. Still wrong though.
  10. [SNES] Killer Instinct

    Obviously B. Orchid is Black Orchid. As for T.J... He's black. Its probably Thomas Jefferson or something
  11. Ryon stole mine. I mean, honestly? Video game, zombie apocalypse... I want someone with experience against these damn things that doesn't fight with bare hands. That's just stupid. And for the record... Leon Fucking S. Fucking Kennedy is definitely his legal name.
  12. Your Argument Is Invalid

    Thread is epic.
  13. [Hi-Res] Sound Room & Ice Palace

    Looks nice. Video won't play. Well done, judging from the screenie.
  14. Post Ur Roster Picture & Roster Mugen Videos

    Dude, Bethesda only published the game. This game has been in production for almost 6 years, and I LOVE IT. Its fantastic, well worth getting. When this game was originally getting ready for packaging, they had over 150 GB worth of graphics. They had to dumb it down to 25. Its so friggin pretty. They're supposed to release a PC only patch for those people that want to spend that much space on the added graphics. I will.
  15. Post Ur Roster Picture & Roster Mugen Videos

    LOL @ Van Mugen. 55 gigs is too much, on any system. Christ, I'm running nearly 15 Terras when its all said and done, and I STILL think its too much. You are running the equivalent of 2 and 1/8 the size of RAGE. And RAGE is amazing and probably the only game I'll install within my current time frame that's more than, say, 15 Gigs.