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  1. All MBAA characters by ⑨ updated 1/22/12

    At least I'm not alone in my boredom.
  2. Raging Kim Kaphwan (0.90)

    Nice character, really fun even though he's not finished. Off topic, but what is it like having a wife so young Ryon?
  3. And so sony is being targeted....AGAIN

    Well If i was supposed to get a hundred dollars, and I only got $95, I wouldn't really care that much. Sony apparently does though.
  4. And so sony is being targeted....AGAIN

    I understand where you're coming from, but these companies act like they're losing SOOO much money. I would understand if Sony was developing games for the PC where pirating is the easiest thing ever, but we're talking about the PS3 here. I bet only about 1 in 10 people who own PS3 actually pirate, if that. They might be losing a couple million dollars, but when you look at the billions they're gaining, why do they even care? It's because they are money hungry, and they only care about how much money comes into their pockets. It's the same with that online pass bullshit. It's like saying If I wanted to rent a game, or borrow one from my friend, in order to play online I would have to spend an extra $15. Game companies act like they are losing money when people buy used games. They're not, they just aren't getting EXTRA money that they might if you had bought the game new. Even then that's a bullshit lie, because the game developers get money when they SHIP the games to the store, not when you buy them from gamestop or wherever you do. I don't support Anonymous, but I don't support SOPA either.