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  1. Hello, MFFA! (EDITED 11 Feb, 2018)

    Just a year later and nobody replied, LOL.
  2. My name is Omar Elkahky, I'm currently 16-year old, still livin' in Egypt, the reason that i'm here is the fact that I used to get characters and stages back when I was a kid, It was (If not) my favorite website to ever find anything here, so I decided to create an account just for that, but that again, I'm not a creator so...ehh...? Well, besides fighting games and beat'em ups, I play tons of Racing games, FPS/TPS games, MMO's (duh!), and lots of other sh*t. So feel free for chat here or add me on Steam (or If you want to play with me.) by clicking here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are my favorites: MMO's: Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Online/Nexon: Zombies (I'm no longer playing CSN:Z unless if there's something good in the game.), CrossFire (NA Ver.), Need For Speed World (SBRW Ver.), GTA V/Online...on PS4 and Combat Arms (Goddamnit even this game died as well!). Old/Retro Games (90's, 2000's, 2010's and misc.): Street Fighter Series, Megaman X4 (I didn't played the series yet.), Need For Speed Series, THoTD Series, COD Series (Sorry, COD Haters.), Half Life 1&2, Crazy Taxi Series, Urban Reign, Tekken Series, GTA Series (OFC.) and some other games/series that I didn't list them here. (Because I'm too lazy. C:) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to ask me something that you may need to know about me, let me know.