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  1. Animaki: free pixel animation program

    Hmmm....even looking at it tells me it's still not gonna be easy...but I still wanna give it a swing.
  2. How to make Sprites

    Niiiiice, now I won't have to rage again about making my self char.
  3. Method Man and Redman, current WIP

    Working on Redman now. Everything but the sprites is going well (I'm planning not to sprite swap.)
  4. Annoying Dog joins MUGEN

    .....Well, why not.
  5. Method Man and Redman, current WIP

    Don't worry, I'm just as excited as you are, and I'm making the characters. I'll let you know when a Beta is out.
  6. Characters with OHKOs?

    Hmmmmm......a lot of you seem to just hate them. I have no problem with them, unless they: 1. Are absolutely corny, 2. Have no penalties towards the user whatsoever. I'm just getting used to MUGEN, and I'm starting to make chars now (including my self char), and yes, they will have finishers, BUT they will be easy to evade, and result in dire consequences if they do. Yeah, I'm rambling about useless stuff, so basically, stay within the balance area.
  7. Yeah, just started on my first characters, not enough progress to post though, but they'll be out soon. Info: they are separate characters, but might share the same zip file.