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  1. How to make Sprites

    Well, I don't know if someone already made a topic like this but I noticed a lot of people wanted to make custom sprites for their Mugen characters. I don't know if there's a easier way, but that's how I do. Some sprites are lame because i did them only for this tutorial. (Note: I suggest you to use MS Paint.) 1º Step: Sketching You can just draw a sprite right way (unless you're good), and you also can't make a medium-sized sprite pixel by pixel (unless you're VERY good), for each drawing you'll need a sketch... First you'll need to draw a stick figure with one color (you can skip this part if you want), then you draw some other details with another color, and then finally you can trace your final sprite. (Don't laugh at my failed attempt at Daryl) Try to make good poses for you character, don't make him look hard like a statue.. BUT wait... How I'll get rid of the other colors if Paint doesn't have layers? You'll need to put the undesired colors as the secondary color, then copy the sketch and paste it again, remember to check the option 'transparent selection'. 2º Step: Coloring and Shading Well, there's not much to say about this part, but be careful with the shading, it's a optional extra work but it makes the sprite look more alive. Always make a palette next to your character, so you can pick the correct color easily. * Ways to do a Sprite Sheet.... 1. Frame by Frame: Well, you can draw them one by one, but you would need to be careful to don't change things and body sizes too much. I recommend to use the 1º and 2º ways.. 2. Body parts: You can draw separated body parts and then build them together, but It would be better if you did a full body first before trying this. Example: With a few parts you can.... ...Make a whole walking sequence. It's a good idea when doing complicated poses and animations. 3. Pivot 3 It's an idea I had some time ago, but not much of a good idea.. Sometimes I use it for some stuff. Pivot (Version 3) can load images...(The transparent color is the pink from that previous picture), and you can flip, re-size and turn them at any angle without making those annoying "jpg" pixels around it like Gimp do, so it can be very useful if you keep drawing wrong anatomy. First you load your pictures, after building the sprite body you click 'next frame' and then 'play' (so those little circles around it can disappear) and then print screen it to paint. Warning: Don't over do it if you don't have much body parts, the character can look hard and weird. Other important stuff: * Save each sprite separated, so you can put in Fighter Factory. * Save in bmp (24-bits), NEVER save it in JPEG. .__. * Don't do Sonic edits. (Ehh, I'm kidding. do whatever you want and don't care what others say about it..) That's all I had to say about it... I hope it helped you.