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  1. Mugen 1.1 - Portrait/Pallette Issue

    i tried multiple times to just replace it. after really deleting it, and adding it back it works now. must have something to do with the fact that the image is now at the very end of the sprites.
  2. so i decided to go with the CVS3 HD Screenpack and started to costumize the portraits. All of the charcters i edited worked finde but now i got one specific char , where his 9000,0 (small portrait) wont show properly. Infite blanka (Blackchaos edit) here is what i did : Opened FF3 - made sure i have mugen 1.1 selected at the bottom. replaced port with png pic, clicked save, got to sff and saved as 1.1 (just to make sure) i also found some soltuions via google and i already added keymapping in the def and added remappal code on statedef 5900 . the big port (9000,1) is working fine but this is what i get when i try to edit the small one : any help on this?
  3. Juggle programation, how could I do that?

    this is not a "juggle" it looks like an infinite in the vid imo :D but anyway : i suggest to ask Ace-Million via Facebook since hes a cool guy and recently released a fullgame with a bunch of new mechanics. one of them was wall-bounce and juggle feature but "only" for 3 hits so u cant create infinites. good luck :)
  4. So i got this awesome Screenpack and everthing looks great besides the main screen because its too blurry and faded. so i want to change the picture with a true png pic (using mugen 1.1) what do i have to do to just change the picture?
  5. Omega Rugal CVS POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper

    Is there anyway you could make a version without the Ex moves? i try to have a fullgame compilation with all SvK chars and yours is the only one whos using ex moves. ive tried to remove them myself but then i messed the cns and cmd files up and got error when trying to play as rugal. either an alternative version without Ex moves or quick help to remove them would be really nice and appreciated. thx for this great char in one of my all-time favorite styles ( wish there would be more infinite/svk edits of you) pls keep up the great work. may god bless you and your family :)
  6. Hey Guys, Maybe u know the problem... Sometimes i download a char and i like it expect that some moves are veryhard to pull off.. so i tried to resample/resign the moves in the Cmd. file. Now for example ive downloaded akuma by Mr.Anatsuken and i really like the oni he did. when i look into the cmd there are moves like this one : [Command] name = "Shinbuu Messatsu" command = x, x, F, a, s time = 30 [Command] name = "Shinbuu Messatsu" command = x, x, F, a+s time = 30 [Command] name = "Shinbuu Messatsu" command = x, x, F+a+s time = 30 [Command] name = "Shinbuu Messatsu" command = F, DF, D, DB, B, s time = 30 what i like to do now is to change it lets say : ~D, DF, F, ~s so i looked through the cmd file and saw that theres already another move which is executed like that. i thought i just have to change the move to lets say ~D, DF, F, ~s, s, a, x and give the shinbuu messatsu ~D, DF, F, ~s when i did all of that and saved the char via ff3 i opened my mugen and what happened? exactly : nothing ! now oni does no move at all when i press ~D, DF, F, ~s... so anybody know a tutorial or can explain it to me step by step? im not new to mugen but im more the "mugen user" than the great editor. it would be very kind if someone could explain it plain and simple , step by step so i can start resampling some chars. its like all the time ive tried to editing moves (since i ever know mugen) its not working when i try to change the commands. is there any specific thing i have to do when i trie to edit the cmd? i hope you all have a great day and thx in advance
  7. Luna Park Sydney Hi-Res Stage

    stage actually looks cool but i get pixelated errors on screen when my chars are moving... there seems to be something wrong in the code! im playing 1.0 btw. hope you can fix this because the concept is awesome
  8. Hey, i wanted to edit a specific character to have a different Super Bg. i searched on google but couldnt find any helpful tutorials or something. so step by step : what do i have to do? ps: i just want the sprites to change from mvc1 ones to Svk style like infinites older creations. hope you can help me. thanks :)
  9. CVS Pro stages by a specific author

    yes sirrrrr,,thank u :) btw why is the posts-counter not working? still have 2 posts feeling like a total newbie hrhr
  10. CVS Pro stages by a specific author

    yeah that would be nice since there is just one stage availible (the first one with the ''waves'' and lighnting in the background) and for this you need a password...anyone can read chinese here? :D
  11. Error I get using R@CE char against Warusaki?

    do u use winmugen or mugen 1.0 ?
  12. CVS Pro stages by a specific author

    just look at the left side down the last entry where it says: dlstages or something like that and then there is picture of kinda a training stage with neon waves etc underit it says : DL in white letters..just click on it and there u go :)
  13. cvs3 sp 1.1

    what are the specs of your laptop or pc? because it says in the topic title at mugenguild that its only build for high-end-pc's and maybe youre getting these errors because your pc cant handle it...ive tried it myself and i even didnt managed to load the main-screen because my pc's too low lol :)
  14. ok so here are my questions: 1-where can i edit the time the ''winner'' screen is shown after ive beaten my enemy? not the winning screen with the quotes, the regular one in game when youre still on the stage? because now its like: hey youve won and IMMEDIATELY the next battle starts..i wanna enjoy at least 3-4 seconds the winning pose 2- is it possible to play sound during continue screen>? 3- how do i ''extract'' a continue screen from one SP to another? 4- same question just for victory screen 5-how do i edit a screenpack like when i dont like some sprites used etc/ what programs do i need, how do i do that , any recommended tutorials? thx and be blessed
  15. CAPCON VS SNK REBOUT (EDIT 640X480) i dont get this for mugen 1.0 or for mugen 1.1? ive tried to install it like it says in the readme but i cant see the fonts? ive tried in mugen 1.0 and in 1.1 and both times the fonts wont show up already kopied all of the fonts in fonts folder into windows/fonts and nothing changed.. in the readme it says its for april 2001 mugen version, in system def it says its for mugen 1.0 and in mugen cfg. file it says its for 1.1 so now im really confused.. link to topic: