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  1. Damn, idk why but i just remembering the Q"Bert Cartoon. XD


    1. Darkflare


      There was a Q*Bert cartoon?


      There were cartoons for Frogger, DK and DKJr?

    2. RoySquadRocks


      OMG!! I used to watch that show when I was a kid!!!! The intro is radical AF!

    3. Pluscross


      What about the Rubix Cube show?


      Seriously what about lighting up a pyramid and cussing in alien could be stretched into a animated show?

  2. Finally got time to did a HUGE update on the MvC Collection.

    And no worries, i'll add the MvC Infinite stuff, stages, screenpacks and some other stuff soon. :)

    1. MugenGuy4164


      I hope i see the MVC Guest Fighter ones as well

    2. gui0007


      I'll update this one soon. :)

  3. Marvel Vs. Capcom Series

    (FINALLY!) HUGE UPDATE!! Added: - All the most recent chars/edits by RedHot - Updated all links of Scruffy Dragon's chars - Many more chars and edits by Aaron Alejandro - Agent Nash by MGMURROW and changed other MGMURROW's chars links for the creator's site - War Machine, Deadpool (WIP), X-23 (WIP) and She-Hulk (WIP) by Logansam - Some edits of Hulk: Furious Hulk by Gartanham & Logansam, Incredible Hulk by manbatshark8, new version of Monster Hulk by aoiro, coldskin1 edit of Savage Hulk - Megaman by SeanAlty and an edit of him by NDSilva - Ssonic edits and updates of Cyanide's Blackheart, Empawk's Symbiote Spider-Man, Nicotinefist & Arkady's Hawkeye, Angelus, Arkady & Volzzilla's Doctor Strange and MMV's She-Hulk - Three versions of Hayato. Vs. Style Debuts, Ryun and varo_hades/BahamianKing100 versions - Xanders edits of FerchgotX's Spider-Man and Magus Iron Man - Spidey's Negative Zone by AxelLord - Armored Spidey by MetroidFusion - Sener (Spidey's edit) by ss5ace - Two versions of Strider Hiryu: U-U RO-RO BO-BOBO RO-RO SU-SU and DivineWolf versions - Zangief by varo_hades & ShinRei - Updated link of Mexican Cactus edit of The_None's Thanos - Charlie Nash by Trololo - Spider-Man 2099 by Medrops & Magus - Dhalsim by Knuckles8864 - Morrigan (AzuFight Style) by jade_midori/Daniel9999999 - Albert Wesker by Flavio Camarão - Flavio Camarão edits of Ryou Win's Jill and Nestor & Riklaionel's Chris - Nathan Spencer & Albert Wesker by Zox - Roll (RMM) by DCL & O Ilusionista - Omega Red by Red Omega - MetalGuy213 edit of Xslaught's Omega Red - New version of Ghost Rider by Dark Rider - Final version of Iron Fist by Fede de 10 & Idpp - CR edits of Bugya's Vergil - Some edits of Ramzaneko's Zero - MDS_Geist edits of Loganir & Black Dragon's Thor - Aleistor Henrikson edit of Super Skrull by aa250 & bdc - New version of Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei by Vs. Style Debuts - Mike Haggar by SeanAlty & ReddBrink - Christiam edit of MMV's She-Hulk - Pilgrim & Volzzilla edit of Taskmaster by Rojin70 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phew, that was A LOT! But yeah, i'm still had to add the rest (stages, screenpacks...), so stay tuned cause i'll keep updating the MvC Collection for sure.
  4. Fatal Fury

    Yep, exactly. :)
  5. Fatal Fury

    Thanks for the info Eduardo, fixed this and the others Lord-S links. And yeah, in this case, it's only Rin instead of Rin & Bat.
  6. Dude, your cover photo is magical.

    1. gui0007


      Hehe, thanks Boss. ;)

  7. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO What a great surprise! :D Yes, you guys won't see wrong. Ikaruga released Adelheid, in KOF '98 STYLE! Never thought i'll see Adelheid playing in this style one day, but Ikaruga did it and did it well, as expected from him. Also all their KOF '98 chars are updated.
  8. Ninja Master's

    Not mugenized yet, still waiting for someone to made them.
  9. Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels

    Oops, my bad Jansen. :P Fixed.
  10. Street Fighter IV (NES Bootleg)

    Added Goho Li/Cliff and Chun Fo/Moon by Exclamation_Question. Now we had the complete roster by !? :)
  11. My Christmas Gifts for ya!

    CHRISTMAS GIFT #4 MUGEN Match 2.1 -VERSION 4- DOWNLOAD!EUIHFLiQ!3nW5u2449FhBt7fbGROCWw What's new? - Character Select screen reworked - New characters and updated versions of some existent chars - New stages. These and some others are updated - Some bugs in many of the AI chars are fixed
  12. Agent Nash by MGMURROW released (12/18/2017) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO After a long time, MGMURROW is back to MUGEN, releasing a long-awaited character by him, Nash! (or as he called, Agent Nash) Like his other stuff, MGMURROW's Nash had your attacks from Street Fighter V with original and crazy stuff and he plays in MvC Style.
  13. Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels

    Added. Also added the new characters by Tommy-Gun and the new versions of their other characters.