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  1. Scorn 2.0 Release By Daraku & Supaman2525

    hey darklight wats ur feedback u want to tell me bc we are doing an updated verson on scorn 2.0 and we need some ideas so tell me wat ideas u got?
  2. mugen help:gl spidey pallet

    hello is there anyone out there that can make me a green lantern spiderman pallet for the MVC2 spiderman i have it looks like this plz hit me up on this post
  3. hey guys i hope everyone enjoy there super bowl sunday b/c i have a treat for you. ,now i know all of you had fun with the wwf classic stage and its time to release the stage you all have been waiting for even tho its like almost finish and still missing 2 things for it i will update it soon but with out being said heres the release of my brand new WWE-Arena stage for 1.0 made by supaman2525;down=502
  4. Heya Supaman!  TK here!  What is up?  How goes Xena's progress?  :3

  5. TMNT-highway 1.0 Release!!!

    hey everyone i wanna take the time to say im sry i made a typo error on my post and the stage not meant for mugen 1.1 and i made mistake. and its only for mugen 1.0 and it explains the reason the floor parallax causing this error so im very sry everyone
  6. supaman's birthday

  7. TMNT-highway 1.0 Release!!!

    yup heres my Holiday suprise an all new MFFA Release of tmnt highway 1.0 stage made my me
  8. Trick Or Treat Release:Toxin Beta

    lol yea i know big green and dont worry brawlthaman i go down to ur list and an updated is in the works as we speak my friends
  9. Treat o treat Smell My Feet time Give Ya Something New To Release,If I Dont Then Ya'll Gonna Care Guess what........ TOXIN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you fans ask for it Ya'll got it heres The Symbiote Wars world premiere beta release of Toxin!!! Created by former team members YoungSamurai5 Predatorsru and Crusoe;down=495
  10. hello my good friends im here with a 3rd stage release story behind it:ok so I caught up with og While I was brain storming and he was deleting some stuff that he dont want to work with but then I saw a stage he got I stop and ask him if he can hook me up with the resources of the stage he was about to delete and yet he did ^_^ so I wanna thanx OldGamer for letting me work on this b/c this is a stage that no one has ever seen before & its base from the 1991 Spiderman:The Arcade Game From Sega (No super jump this time fokes) as Always Leave Your Comments Below This is Supaman Signing off Peace!
  11. just release the updated version of my stage
  12. Well Another Surprise Release Today As I Supaman Made Another Mugen stage base from the Snes classic "Batman Returns" And Here It Is Gotham Rooftop;down=489 sprites materials from the SNES Emulator let me know what you guys think leave your comments below this is supaman signing off peace!
  13. yea it dose but i forgot to turn the volume up on it since og gave it to me lol
  14. ill keep that in mind for the next stage ill make thanx Doomguy ^_^
  15. Hey Guys This The 1st Stage I Ever Made In My Mugen Career and I was trained by OldGamer,thanx to him now I learn how to make stages with fighters factory 3 so heres my world premiere of Supa's Gundam Space Base's+Gundam+Space+Base.rar The stage sprites are from a gundam game and the planet earth was from Marvel vs capcom ripped from snesx9 this is the 1st of many so the best is yet to come leave your comments below this is supaman signing off peace p.s. Video Coming soon