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  1. [SNES] Weapon Lord

    This game is hard as hell man!
  2. Scarecrow Beta by AxKeeper & Redz released

    Is the chick on the right a new release too?
  3. Han_BDS by Ikaruga released 1/23/12

    Yay just as i was expecting. I hope he's not as cheap as Valgar though.
  4. Valgar_BDS released, Ichigo_Kurosaki updated by ikaruga 13/01/2012

    I just tried this character out.. While he plays like a fighting game character instead of being source accurate to his game appearance he's got Muteki syndrome making him bastard cheap and overpowered to fight against >.> I hope ikaruga makes a Han and tones it down with the cheap A.I. Constantinus III is the only character i was able to beat him with btw.
  5. [Dissidia/Final Fantasy X] Jecht by dager released (01/10)

    I want a Lightning Farron for MUGEN. :/
  6. [KoF - Tuff E Nuff/Dead Dance] Dolf by Cadavelico

    I'd rather see a KOF styled Syoh or Kotono for that matter.
  7. Rachel Alucard Released : All Bb Chars Updated

    Daimonau's Ragna and Hakumen are decent but they're overpowered as shit.
  8. Warusaki3's Collection

    If only he didn't cry like a little bitch about people hosting his characters we would have CVS versions of every Capcom and SNK character known to man by now. CVS styled versions of Jedah Dohma, Strider Hiryu, Jin Saotome, hell even Mega Man X for that matter would be kick ass.
  9. Eve By Sankiti Updated 12/05/2011

    I used this character before. The sprite is nice but she's a shitty character to play as.
  10. Mai Xiii By P-Tan Updated 12/08/11

    I wish creators were quick on releasing Blazblue characters.
  11. Ultimecia By Maximus

    Damn. I thought this was the actual character Mugen needs more practical Final Fantasy characters like Lightning, Firion etc instead of characters from Final Fantasy XI.
  12. Warachia By Rajaaboy Released 11/15/11

    Meh most people on Mugen Fighters Guild are full of shit to be honest. I got bitched at for saying speedy9199's characters weren't that bad.
  13. Yuko By Gorori

    Fuck this. I thought i was helping the mugen community by uploading hard to find characters but boy was i wrong. Guess there's no need to keep my account. And what the hell is with the Caps? Are you trying to yell at me behind a computer screen? Sheesh no need to get so damn pissy over the internet.
  14. Yomi By Swkt Don't let her simple design fool you. She's a cheap bastard character to fight against. Feel free to use her if you want a challenge.
  15. Yuko By Gorori http://www.mediafire...gk5p253947ayul7