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  1. Anybody got any ideas of a fictitious place that would make a good Mugen stage?
  2. I see you prefer Stitch WITHOUT another character’s costume 😃
  3. It would be interesting to see these characters on Mugen: The “Dirty Pair” girls would make a good edition to the So-called Ken & Ryu pairs We might even use the “Cat’s Eye” trio, their scale of Strength to Speed would respectively be Rui, Hitomi, and Ai. P.S. I am aware of Danger Mouse and Count Duckula myself 🙂
  4. I wouldn’t know, having a lot of characters already.
  5. What non-adult cartoon character would you like to see on Mugen? Please remember, no Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, South Park, Futurama, Beavis & Butt-head, or King of the Hill, as they are all adult toons. Personally, my choices are Larke Tanner (Beverly Hills Teens), Milton (Milton the Monster), Cool McCool, And Thundarr (Thundarr the Barbarian). That's, what I got so far :-)
  6. I happen to know two feisty redheads that might work for Mugen: Helen Bennet from “Bionic Six”. I know what you’re thinking. But if Numbuh 3 can be first from her series to go to Mugen, so can Helen 🙂 Tara Boumdeay from “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. She can be one of those transforming characters. Tara can sprinkle herself with salt and become a “tomato monster”, then Chad (whom will be her helper) will sprinkle pepper on her so she can return to human form 😉
  7. I just wanna about everyone’s requests on characters that aren’t worthy for Mugen, please remember to pick characters that haven’t been converted already and are from movies, tv shows, comics, anime, and video games other than the fighting category.
  8. I can’t access files from Mega because I need membership to do so :-(
  9. Ookla might do well on his own, considering he seems to do well in hand-to-hand combat himself :-) I am not sure about Ariel though, I probably haven’t seen her preform any martial arts acts in the show :-(
  10. I can't access the link because it returns to THIS PAGE :-(
  11. I also was hoping for the beautiful Riptide, from Eternal Champions 2.
  12. I guess PSAs might count, what with so many advertising icons already converted (like Ronald McDonald in all). Frankly, my choices would be the so-called Voltron, Mr. X from “The X’s”, Frankie from “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Tom Slick from “George of the Jungle” (maybe if we had a game engine that simulates Super Mario Kart, he would fit :-)), Draculaura from Monster High, and Bianca DuPree from Beverly Hills Teens (unless of course she was operating a Power Loader X-D)
  13. I agree, I am not to happy with that Jomo Momo character :-|
  14. Speaking of characters from later reworks of SFII, do you have plans for Thunder Hawk, Fei Long, DeeJay, and Cammy?
  15. Bianca DuPree (Beverly Hills Teens) and the lady in the mirror of Episode’s “Crush on Mr. Bad Boy cover
  16. I feel your pain, I just wish everything uploaded to MEGA were put on much easier to use storage sites :-(
  17. A little downplayed, but at least he gained projectiles.
  18. I never heard of most of those characters, but it’s nice to have some strikers with your Mugen choices. Some of the characters from the first post would have Strikers themselves: Larke would have Nikki Darling (Ponytail Whip) Shanelle Spencer (High Kick attack) Jett (Guitar Riff) and Blaze Summers & Stardust (whatever a horse does to hurt anyone nearby) Thundarr would have Princess Ariel (Energy Bolts) and Ookla the Mokk (Bow & Arrow for Stun attacks, Car throwing for Heavier hitting)
  19. I just wish Faust put his characters on somewhere other than Mega :-(
  20. I think there would be alot of characters in F-Zero whom’s talents are not limited to racing. Like Jody Summer, Zoda, Samurai Goroh, Pico, Beastman, Super Arrow, Blood Falcon, Michael Chain, Phoenix, There’s no telling who would be welcome.