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  1. Team 2 Joyce: Put one when you think it's a good time, just like the previous round. Joyce: The same goes for you. Don't go too far ahead without proper backup or else you'll get hit in the head again. Ryuko: Yeah! You said it! Joyce: I never said he was wrong. You better keep working together with us or else you'll most certainly end up being the first. Ryuko: Owchies... Leaf: We're moving out. Good luck on your side Joy! Joyce: Yes. Let's make this a battle to remember! Hinamori: (Then...it's time to start.) Leaf, can you guide me toward the right gate? I have to stay with my eyes shut for a while to concentrate. Leaf: Got it. Then, the defense team split into the Left and Right Entrance groups. Team 1 Hugh: Since we don't know the enemy formation yet, choose any flank you like. Once we know their position which will most likely be when we merge the teams, then we'll act accordingly. Hugh: Jeez...I sounded like a smartass right now...Guess "she's" rubbing off on me. Etomo: She? Does he mean Emilia? Ludger: Well... Hugh: It doesn't matter right now, let's go. Etomo: (He shot down the topic rather quickly...And he looked a bit embarassed as well.) Ludger: I'll tell you later with more detail, right now we have a match to win. Ludger and Etomo followed Kirimuri. Hugh: Well...Work with whatever you're comfortable with. Either way, we'll have each other's backs on this.
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    All the parts of the Infinite Characters Marathon so far. Failure Casanova, The Legendary Warrior of Space, Daimon vs Daibanchou and The Family Man. A Guy with no chill, Dumb as bricks Hinata, DOSUKOI!!! and Parry God K'. Only Ken Ken deal with Ken, You're not Yagami, The Mature who only cared about charging her batteries and Super Armor Maxima. Nashville, Fanservice bait vanishes from existence, Just your usual Tiger vs Dragon fight and more predictable AI. (Not as dumb as Hinata but the waiting game is still rewarded.) The Lesser of Four Shadowy Dark Violent Evils. Sheen Wuss, The Treey and the Goose, Sadism from hell, Russian Storm and More Machine than Mann.
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    Here, i'll post my videos, i was planning to do this for a while, but i needed to update my playlist with all my fights till now. So here it is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLskWWnMRAQtnxDgRD8ImtFEaEv1NOKKKX And here's a new video for today Websta, your Mizuchi rocks! I aprove! But please, nerf you Goodman a little, he's too hard
  4. Track: 円陣(アニメVer.) Team 2 After putting the teleporting mark on the knife, Joyce puts the weapon on her belt, then, makes a movement that made her cape flutter. Joyce: Alright everyone, let's do our best! Push ourselves to the limit and win this! Ryuko: Full power ahead!!! Hinamori: Understood! Leaf: Even though it's my Master that should been here, maybe I should get some experience out of this in case I end up possessing her again. I'll do my best as well! Joyce: Heh! Okay then, let's go! Team 1 Meanwhile, Hugh claps his hands twice. Hugh: Let's show them how serious we are this time around. Ludger: Right! Etomo: This won't be a repeat from the first round. We'll crush them like intended. Hugh: That's the spirit! Foward!!!
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    Jokes I'm not sure I regret making
  9. Music: Because it's the right path Team 2 Team 1
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    It's two twoday!!!
  12. Before the hit **muffled The Battle for the Dream in the background** Ryuko and Hugh: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Hugh: Wait, what? Ryuko: We won? Ryuko: We WON!!! Joyce: Eh? Joyce: We'll see about that. Joyce: You did great. Joyce also raised her hand to return the gesture. Yui: Hooray...I guess... Yui knees in the ground, Joyce and Ryuko rush to her aid. Meanwhile, Hinamori looked upset since she saw what happened, but decided not to speak up. Hugh: Well...He isn't wrong... Etomo: Dully noted sir... Etomo: *shakes her head* Mistakes exists so that you can learn from them. Ludger: Whew...I can finally move again... Hinamori: Must feel horrible... Ludger: Julius would also scold me for losing so soon...Or I think he would...When I heard that he rigged my entrance test, I don't know if I still believe in him. Hinamori: I see...well, better luck in the next round. Ludger: Same to you! Meanwhile Yui: ... Ryuko: Nice job calling Bulb's attention! Yui: I could've done more if I actually eliminated him with that attack... Ryuko: Hey, the same goes for me. I would probably take my sweet time to take Maes Hughes down. Hugh: *from afar* Debatable at best. Ryuko: We both had chances to fail so don't feel bad something went wrong, just try harder and harder. Joyce: I half-agree with that. Doing your best is good, but you shouldn't be ashamed of running away either. Yui: I see... Joyce: Anyway, I believe this is yours. Yui: My wooden sword...but...what about you? Joyce: I'll manage without it. Valiant Knight is more of a strenght boost after all....Most of it just applies to my arms but still, I'll manage it. We'll need you to not use your Holy Sword in the next round. Yui: ...Alright then... Yui got in a sitting position, but all of a sudden, she felt like her conciousness was slipping away, briefly closing her eyes. Yui: (What...I can't...move...) ???: Oh no! Master is fainting! Yui: (A voice? Who's...) ???: MASTER!!! Then, all of a sudden, her eyes opened and she let out a yelp of surprise. Ryuko: Whoa! Don't doze off on us now. Yui: Well...err... She looked both ways, as if not knowing where she was. She got up as if she wasn't tired at all, and looked at her hands with a confused face. Yui: (No way...) Ryuko: Hey...Are you sure you are okay? You look like you've seen a ghost... Joyce: Second that...How are you feeling Yui? Yui: Well...That's the funny thing...How do I put this...Master isn't here. Ryuko: Um...Translation please... Yui?: Pleased to meet you, I'm the spirit that allows Yui to use the Holy Sword. The name's Caleaf II (2nd), but you can just call me Leaf. Joyce: .... Joyce: WHAT? NO WAY THIS IS HAPPENING!!! Leaf: I wish I was joking, but Master ended up losing conciousness. I tried to stop it...but I ended up possessing her instead. Ryuko: Ooookay...that's freaky as heck... Joyce: The question is...Can you bring her back. Leaf: I don't think that's possible right now... Leaf: But... All of a sudden, Joyce parries an incoming sword slash with her two hands. Joyce: Too close!!! (I almost didn't see that.) Leaf: Let's say I'm better with a sword than she'll ever be right now. Joyce: (Oh yeah....Yui did say she isn't very good with a sword.) Hugh: And there goes a the advantage Rokurou and Emilia had against her. Ryuko: WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE! SHOO!!! Joyce: Alright then Yui...or rather, Leaf, I guess we'll be counting on you for the next round. Possessed Yui's Fighting Style: She has now more precise, stronger and fast sword slashes. Due to being controlled by her sword spirit, fatigue doesn't affect her as her body is techinically being "puppetered", which enables her to do movements she can't do while concious. In exchange, she can't use her magic, due to Yui not being concious to channel with, and Leaf is just an amplifier. She's still rather fast, but not to the same extent as her master.
  13. Yui: (That energy flow...An explosive attack?) Yui dodges the attack with a quick backstep. Yui: (How? What kind of move is that? He didn't turn into a ghost did he? If that was the case, my Holy Sword would've still hit him. Or maybe it did but the damage wasnt apparent...Either way...I got his attention to me. Now it's up to how much my body can take the exaustion.) She took a fighting stance, then ran at LightFlare at normal speed. Joyce: Alright, let's go! Joyce ran foward, then ducked under the swords with a spinning crowch. Following Penelope's cue, she went for a stab. Meanwhile, the swords aiming at 13P would be redirected slighty upwards. Hinamori: (The wall is getting attacked already?)
  14. Both Teams Hugh: Whoa! Hugh avoids the water torrents by doing a quick backstep. Hugh: (Smart move...But she knows I can reach him at any moment...) Hugh: Wait! Before he could give chase, Ryuko stood in his way and punched the ground. Ryuko: You're not going anywhere! This time, I won't fail in protecting! Hugh: (Still, there's no way she can take on me and LightFlare at the same time...) The moment Hugh thinks that however, Yui shows up from the right flank door, having starting to sweat a lot due to having to use more of her Light Magic to increase her running speed. Yui: (I shouldn't be afraid...to push myself!!!) She spends more energy to warp behind LightFlare in order to deal a slash from behind, if she is succesful, she'll follow up with more warp attacks. Ryuko: Come at me! This Dragon will devour you whole! Hugh: Heh! You're still at Carp level!!! Ryuko: As if I didn't hear that one before. I'll be so happy to prove you wrong! Hugh: Odd, that feels like a line I heard from a thug once...And that's the cue for me to fish you! Ryuko: It's... Hugh: ON!!! They both run at each other, Ryuko attempts her Dragon Dive, but before she could properly execute it, Hugh manages to stop it with his own flying kick. Both landed on the floor, ready to fight each other. Joyce: Heh...It's seems you're just pretentious in your boasts as I am...I keep telling myself that my flames will forge me into something that will make me stronger than anyone...But that didn't stop me from losing against someone. Joyce: Even still...I'll cling into such a claim and defeat you! Joyce takes an fighting stance, holding the sword with just a hand, waiting for Emilia's first move. Hinamori: (Time for one last move to secure the escape route.) Hinamori used her hands to raise an water wall that covered the left flank entrance. If one attempted to pass through it, they would be smashed to the ceiling. In the chance someone actually managed to go through it, Hinamori pulled out her knife as there would be a delay for the wall to be dispelled. Then, she went to the L-shaped wall in order to observe if anyone would go through the right side route.
  15. Yet another thread, Cause i want to show stuff.
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    Holgan jokes, A Dance Battle going frenetic and the end of the Literal Spam Bot.
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  20. Both Teams Hugh: Tch... Hugh's fist stopped inches from the maid. Hugh: Nice try...but if my body control couldn't keep up with my speed, I would be clumsly running into walls and probably wouldn't be even here... He took a step back while mentally saying "Close freaking call", trying to keep his tough exterior. Yui: Ah! Light just launched an attack straight at Miss Ryuko. Hinamori: (And she can't dodge it because she's in the air...There's not much I can do unless summon an attack from above his position.) Ryuko: (I HAVE THIS HUGE AURA FOR A REASON!!!) Her strike collided with the Light Burst. While it managed to halt her advance, she didn't suffer damage. Ryuko: (Dang, it doesn't change the fact thirties is surrounded right now...And knowing Lightbulb, he'll just shower me with bullets again while pulling a Mr. M the moment I throw a big gun.) Hinamori: Yui, secure his escape route. Yui: Okay. Yui makes a dash for the right flank entrance. Hinamori: (This might not hit, but it will give 13P time to escape. Double Splash!!!) Using her both hands, Hinamori summoned eight torrents of water, four above Hugh and four above LightFlare. Joyce: (So we got another strike in...but finally lost one of ours. While 5T's idea ended up having us capturing the maid, they shouldn't have gone in without proper backup...And now 13P is surrounded...I have to at least keep Emilia occupied so that she doesn't go after him.) The wooden sword was enveloped in an flame-like aura, increasing its reach, then, she dealt a downwards diagonal slash at Emilia in hopes of at least keeping her busy.
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  24. Teams 1 & 2 Music: Previous Notice Seeing that Penelope managed to spot Agni and started attacking him, this was Ryuko's cue to stop being the bait. Ryuko: Hey Thirties, wait for me! Seeing that she was a bit far away, she decided to improvise and use her EX-Dragon Drive to close part of the distance gap she had with 13P. Hugh: (It's not over until you get her to the other side...Now let's see how fast your computer specs are.) Hugh started running, but all of a sudden, his speed greatly increased in order to avoid the gravitational pull, then, he went for a punch in the stomach as he approached 13P before Ryuko. Hinamori: They got the maid but, LightFlare and Kirimuri will most certainly go after them if they go through that direction. By the way, leave your wooden sword for Joyce, she might need it right now. Yui: *nods* Yui went for the L-Shaped wall in order to get a better view of the right flank exit while staying hidden, but not before leaving her wooden sword behind for Joyce to use. Joyce: ...So you're saying... Hinamori: This is the last strech, we'll need all the trump cards that we have. Joyce: Alright... Music: Heavenly Sunshine Joyce: Ethereal Flames, Heed my call and burn my soul! Forge me to be stronger than anyone! Joyce: VALIANT KNIGHT!!! Suddenly, a vortex of fire engulfs Joyce. Hinamori saw her picking up the sword, then doing a swipe with it, dispelling the flames. Joyce: Joyce Vilude, now joining the frontilines. She left her position and went running to aid 5T.