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  1. The finale of the Kills Festival plus some magician with White Len's voice
  2. Here, i'll post my videos, i was planning to do this for a while, but i needed to update my playlist with all my fights till now. So here it is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLskWWnMRAQtnxDgRD8ImtFEaEv1NOKKKX And here's a new video for today Websta, your Mizuchi rocks! I aprove! But please, nerf you Goodman a little, he's too hard
  3. More Kills Festival Matches and a guy that didn't want to bargain.
  4. Two matches from the Kill Festival Challenge and Linne fighting someone using her voice (with an extra Hyde in the end.)
  5. Almost forgot the forum was back. Anyway Pucci and Sayaka makes some noise when it's not weekend yet. (Don't feel like posting the other videos here so check my channel if you're curious.)
  6. Let's see how long this will last until the next breakdown

  7. For how long are we getting this message? http://prntscr.com/kmvi9w

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      For 9 years to come

    2. IDGCaptainRussia


      It was a huge ordeal for the Free For All, be glad your getting this message now rather than buggy saturday downtime

  8. Fought some things that got on my nerves. (Namely, Bishamon and Krauser)
  9. Temporarily getting off my lazy period to post some videos again.
  10. Just two videos, the third one was boring.
  11. Name it! Anything that you don't like on a char... As for me i don't like a char that is not well balanced and not well coded. (wip escape) As well as char that is in 3D and in 8-bit.
  12. [Copy paste from Guild] By sheer accident, I managed to rip the sounds from the arcade dump of this game. (And it was with a tool that I use to rip stuff from Visual Novels.) Anyway, here it is if you're interested. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ihlPbwA4hIghOPX7RLEgaZKtijsEDWUp No credits needed. I guess the guy that actually deserves the credit was the one that released the arcade dump, but I don't remember who it is. (If anyone wants to have a go at ripping the sprites, give me a PM and I'll send you the file where they are [probably] located.)
  13. After almost 10 days, more videos.

  14. A man on fire, a chinese zombie and Heavy Weapons Girl
  15. Orie shows up, a rocky gets crushed and a guy keeps having deja vus no matter where he goes


  16. 2 1.1 videos in a batch? That's rare.
  17. A bunch of videos