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  1. Everything is dark soul


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    2. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Ain't no way, those games are nowhere near as difficult as Dark Souls. 


      This is reminds of a video my brother showed me on the YouTube channel, Teens react (or whatever it's called) they played Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Out of all of them only one could get pass Glass Joe. Let that sink in for  a moment, Glass Joe is probably one of the easiest characters to defeat in all of video game history. I thought anyone could get pass Glass Joe, I thought that even my dog could beat Glass Joe. 


      Nowadays most games are more like interactive movies, they more or less hold your hand throughout the whole play through, nothing like those insanely challenging NES game, where you'd have to figure out the controls on your own, which is why I applaud games like Dark Souls, sure it has a tutorial, but for the most part your on your own. Kinda like being thrown in the lake and being forced to learn how to swim under desperation. That probably isn't the best way to describe Dark Souls, but I hope you get what I mean.

    3. Pluscross


      Difficult doesn't necessarily mean better designed though.


      Cuphead gives you all the instructions flat out, and people STILL forget to parry and dash, or forget about EX Shots and special moves. Crash is slightly different, but now people don't have the "Crash 1's save system is horrible" excuse.

    4. Rimu