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  1. Nicktoons

    I found a Jimmy Neutron Character: the file is called uk's unfinished mugen characters
  2. Disney

    I found these dipper and mabel chars dipper: mabel:
  3. Disney

    ugh I hate my old phineas and ferb. thank you for putting it under crap character
  4. Super Smash Bros. Series

    ness: add this ness to the ssb4 section
  5. hoi ben.

    thanks for following me

    1. MugenGuy4164
    2. superearthboundkid


      also yochi found HCL's pikachu. making another HCL char found

  6. EarthBound / Mother

    on an offline website I also found the fixed link for drowins lucas edit
  7. EarthBound / Mother

    i finally found one of hcls chars. its his ness.
  8. The Powerpuff Girls - Marvel vs. Capcom Style

    hey guess what? i found him for you.
  9. EarthBound / Mother

    also heres a link to replace the drowin style lucas
  10. EarthBound / Mother

    i think a unknown creator made him.
  11. EarthBound / Mother

    drowin style lucas.
  12. EarthBound / Mother

    hey i found a 3d melee ness.