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    Love to collect mugen characters of any kind....:)

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  1. Touhou Project

    ah!....arigato Ryoucchi-sama!....
  2. Touhou Project

    are there any new mugenized touhou characters?....(no edits please)....:)
  3. Touhou Project

    ahhh arigato gozaimasu Ryoucchi-san...
  4. Touhou Project

    can somebody tell me how to make the select screen on any screenpack bigger?....is it even possible?
  5. Touhou Project

    how many character slots do those screenpacks have?...
  6. Touhou Project

    i can help ryoucchi-san!....i can make some portraits...that is if you would be so kind and let me....
  7. Touhou Project

    no what i mean is for the original touhou characters,not the edits,but i like your edits too....especially the portraits you have done...veeery nice...i like the kinds of portraits where you can see the character and the portrait...and good luck on posting those edits,would love to see them soon....xDD
  8. Touhou Project

    but the minority is done,i can't wait to have every touhou character in my collection.....
  9. Touhou Project

    well i would like to make her but i am just a newbie at fighter factory too.....but i would love to see the remaining touhou characters....there are not much left to make....
  10. Touhou Project

    i wish someone could make Kosuzu Motoori-chan.....