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  1. Trackhead

    My first character in MUGEN will be my MLP OC, Trackhead This character will have a number of wacky and mechanical moves BIO after he was built somewhere in earth by the S.A.L (space andoid labs) along with his sister and (former) brother they tested him and the other 2 thru several challenges (cooperation, independence,...) during 10 years. after the tests, they sent the trio to equestria to investigate the planet's culture, geography, fauna,... But in the landing day's evening, Trackhead's brother had A.I malfunction and he went berserk, cutting Trackhead's hooves off in the process, after some minutes, his sister deactivated him and late in the night, she tried to fix him but he activated again and escaped the ship. MOVESET (it may change) BASICS Light punch: Trackhead hits the openent quickly with his tentacle claw Medium punch: Trackhead headbutts the opponent Heavy punch: Trackhead will use his drill BASICS (AIR) Light punch: Trackhead pulls out a hammer medium punch: Trackhead spins in mid air Heavy punch: Spikes appear under Trackhead's chasis SUPERS half circle forward: Trackhead throws his mane-sawblade, which returns like a boomerang half circle backwards: Trackhead will shoot a burning turkey from his chest EX MOVES LP+MP: the sawblade will hit more (500 power) HYPERS half circle forwardx2+ any punch: A gas trailer will attach on Trackhead's back then he spins, swinging the explosive trailer at the opponent (1000 power) half circle backwardx2+any punch: Trackhead will run over the opponent (1000 power) ------------------------------------- PROGRESS PLANNING: done (?) SPRITEWORK: on progress CODING: haven't started yet Making a MUGEN character is one of my life goals and I will try to make it as polished and balanced as I can. I'll ask for help whenever I get in a dead end.
  2. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    - most of kamekaze's chars - rootmars - truck joe by mabskmk (it always starts before the round begins and i always end up bouncing on its spikes to death)
  3. How do i add more slots on mugen 1.1?

    is it the ultra-big one?
  4. How do i add more slots on mugen 1.1?

    yes, i already know that but the mugen 1.0 screenpack that i'm using, ''ares ax2'' is arranged in some weird way and it shows errors when i port it to 1.1
  5. Hello everybody, i'm planning on moving from mugen 1.0 to 1.1 but i couldn't find a good, smooth screenpack that holds at least 1700 character slots so i tried to add more slots on the basic mugen 1.1 screenpack but no avail and I already have readed several tutorials about this, can somebody light my way?

    Hello everybody! i made an account on this site to learn the marvelous art of creating Mugen content And making some friends here. I've Heard that there are some great content authors in this site so that's why i made an account on this page. (i'll explain more about my first project on another topic) my Deviantart account has the same name. NOTE: my english is not perfect.
  7. napalmman by dxwho?

    where i can find the napalmman that appears in this video?