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  1. Unsafe Spriter in a Scary World

    Unsafe Spriter in a Scary World Of course, a lot of what I'm going to ask about here is related to the "need for lap": to have someone to indicate and make the best paths for me. But I have some questions: I'm doing this sprite of D.D. and I took an image of Igniz as a reference, but I'm unsure about the anatomical proproção. Is it suitable? And what is the difference between doing something of quality and doing something to impress the greatest creators?
  2. Not recomended creations/creators...

    It is in this same line that I put the creations of P.O.T.S. and Vans. Yeah, hoping their creations knock my chin down (like some Dragon Claw did very well), but for some reason they do not do it. So much so that I think Rikard and Zelgadis as better creators than those cited above.
  3. Story of your username?

    It's my name in real life. I chose to go to this battle clean-faced with under the influence of Master Reu and a little bit of Andreas Borghi. At first I believed I could be a Mugen star, do a thousand and one things, but we all realized that this is not how the wheel turns. Then I came to believe that being clean could lead me somewhere different, where I could, I do not know, could feel accepted and make a difference. Now I know that every step I took led me to the abyss.
  4. What's your icon's orgin?

    It's just my last photo of myself; was taken 2, 3 years ago. If I were to take another picture of me now, it would look something like Dr. Pompeo Pompílio Pomposo, better known as Dr. Abobrinha. ONE DAY, THAT CASTLE WILL BE MINE!
  5. Knuckle Fighter?

    Yes, it may be that this information is not so useful, but in the same way ... While searching for Amin (desperately, it's true), I ended up finding yet another little warehouse that had all the chars made by Aoi Hayate ... Except for Amin. Folks, since it seems that there is no longer this version of Amin, I'll ask you a question: From what I saw in the photos, Aoi Hayate's version seems to be completely different from Zayro's. THAT'S RIGHT? That's why I'm obsessed with playing with her ... And one more thing: Because of how little I understood from the Japanese forums translated by Google Translate, Amin was highly praised, but I did not see A SINGLE VIDEO OF HER on YouTube and Nico Video. Can I start doing a conspiracy theory?
  6. Hello Everyone I Am Just A Mugen KOF Player

    HEY! It's just a guy of the Glasses gang! How are you doing?
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    @sonikun: "Let us all walk through the seas and cause great confusion!" I think that is the phrase that perfectly fits this theme. Guys, I LOVE this song. Honestly, I think it's one of the best themes in the entire KOF series for good reason: This work of art "only" humanizes Mr. Big. Especially in the part between 5:18 and 6:18, you can see that Jamie has a GREAT weight in the consciousness and wanted everything to be different ... But the past is a path with no return ... Folks, I wish to ask a little thing: With what music do you start your respective days?
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    As bizarre as it sounds, I use this "music" (it looks more like an e-drug) to concentrate ... . . . HEY! Why are you looking at me like that? There are people who like the smell of gasoline, so this is no justification!
  9. Hey Guys!! New here!

    HEY! Be welcome, mr. Random! And seriousky tried to do a joke about your name, but...
  10. Knuckle Fighter?

    Yes, I'm someone else who's having some trouble finding Amin from Aoi Hayate: After a search, it only took me to the author's website, the Japanese KFX Wiki, and some forums with confusing layout and pornographic advertisements. And nothing. Please, someone have some clue for this char? Aoi is awesome.
  11. Link of Cheng by Krunkest404 is off...