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  1. Ironfist Chinmi released by Sankiti 9/11/15

    Been waiting for this to be finished and what do you know i cant get the site to work to get the download..can someone possibly put up an alternative download like mediafire link. thanks for your time and from the video's he looks great...loved the manga.
  2. Baraki updated by REDWAVE 2015/05/31

    Thanks for the link Ryoucchi.
  3. Baraki updated by REDWAVE 2015/05/31

    Can anyone make an alternate link for this, the site keeps crashing my firefox when i try to load the page.
  4. Uran Tomboy - The Birth of Uran

    I've been watching tetsuwan Atom series lately and i agree the english dub left out alot of info and made the dubbed series so confusing. If a mugen character is made to be a specific version of a character and explained to that it is, i dont see why you couldn't rely on the real source then the source you obviously took for the dubbed. That being said i would love to see version's of uran with her robot wrestling suit or her atom suit she wore to trick pluto.
  5. Uran Tomboy - The Birth of Uran

    Not played her yet but been waiting for this uran for ages and glad it's released now. Thanks for this i thought this would be one character we would never see in mugen. I would like to see your take on Astroboy also your very talented artist and mugen maker.