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  1. Happy B-day fellow

  2. Happy Birthday Sis

    1. Galvatron


      Happy Birthday mAdLaX !  :-)

  3. Mugen Plus Collections (WinMugen+ Only)

    Thanks for the comment guys. Sorry, looks like I posted on the wrong thread.
  4. Umm... I know people nowadays are using Mugen 1.0, but I like to share this creation to those who are still using the Good Ol' Retro WinMugen+... Based on AX's AX2 Screenpack. Main Menu Screen Options Screen Select Screen and Select Stage Viewer -------------------------------------- Versus Screen -------------------------------------- Game Over Screen And that's that, Pretty Plain and Simple Number of Slots: 1148 Characters Capacity Hidden Slots: No Animated: Yes Stage Viewer: Yes Download: (Go to Motif Menu) Note: -> Before you customize the Stage Viewer Template make sure to read the Stage Viewer Guide first. Credits: Thanks to HungryWolf for Helping me with Select Background. :) I'm using DJ-Van's System and VS Sound Clip so I give him credit.
  5. Standard Portraits

  6. Standard Portraits

    I'll include her on my next set if I have some time.
  7. Standard Portraits

    Did you just post an Image of Shana just now? I've never seen it earlier.
  8. Standard Portraits

  9. Standard Portraits

    Didn't I told you on MFG? Post a png image on the ones you asked.
  10. Standard Portraits

  11. Standard Portraits

    I prefer not to do Stroke Template/Design on PS or Gimp, I do stroking manually. And the method I shared to you is what I do to avoid colorloss. But sometimes the image doesn't get away with it, even some of my ports still has some colorloss.
  12. Standard Portraits

    This is how I do it in Photoshop: 1.) Pick any image that you want to use as a Mugen Portrait, make sure it is a png type. (I use Ryunmei as an example) And of course I remove the background of the image manually using a normal eraser. It's up to you if you add an outline edges on the character or not, for me it looks better with outline. The Original with [blending Mode = Normal] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Layer Options: Encircled in Red is the Blending Mode ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.) Right Click the Original Image and create a duplicate layer. [Which is Background copy 4] And set Blending Mode = Multiply As we can see here, the image is bit dark and look suck. So let's brighten it up a little. In Photoshop go to Filter -> Other -> Then click High Pass as you can see on the shot: And you'll see a prompt message like this: Do the same values as what you seen in the shot. Then click OK After clicking OK the image goes like this: Looks better now with Blend Mode = Multiply + High Pass. Note: Sometimes when I use high pass some other images doesn't go like this, if this happens then don't use High Pass just go to Layer Options and adjust the Opacity and Fill of the image to any values you like until you are satisfied with it. Or you can just SKIP this method and jump directly to Method Number 3. (It's up to you) Or if you are satisfied with Method 2, then don't do Method 3. (It's up to you) Or you could do the both! It's actually up to you. 3.) Right Click the Original image once again and create another duplicate layer. [Background copy 5] And set Blending Mode = Soft Light. The FINAL TOUCH! With Blending Mode = Soft Light. AND YOU'RE DONE! Right click any image layer and Click Merge Visible, and you're ready to index. Note: Before indexing or merging the image save your work as a psd file just in case. Summary: [Comparison] 1.) 2.) 3.) 1.) The Original with Blending Mode = Normal 2.) The 1st Duplicate with Blending Mode = Multiply + High Pass 3.) The 2nd Duplicate with Blending Mode = Soft Light I forgot about the background layer, that makes it four. There's no need for an outline layer when you can do it on the original image.
  13. Standard Portraits

    Does gimp do image layering? I use 3 image layers on making portraits similar in doing RGB.
  14. Standard Portraits

  15. mAdLaX's Palettes

    Juke Kisaragi's Lyzer Nyankoro's Annie Tin's Anny MEKA's Ky Blue blood & Fervicante's Yuki Juke Kisaragi's Fliz Ina's Kendou Sai Jack's Vesper Rikard's Kimberly Download here: