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  1. [Arcade+Wii U] Pokken Tournament

    It looks more ergonomic for the game (maybe also some VC games / arcade style games) than the Pro Pad or the Gamepad but I don't feel like spending money on it. For the price it might make a good simple pad for 4-button / 6-button games because it works over USB on the PC and PS3 as well.
  2. [Arcade+Wii U] Pokken Tournament

    Who said that? They said it would be a Pokemon with a ラ in it's name.
  3. [Arcade+Wii U] Pokken Tournament

    Yeah I hear Harada was on record saying "no fat chicks"
  4. [Arcade+Wii U] Pokken Tournament

    Well in this case Braxien's design for gameplay is supposed to be agile and ranged, so it makes more sense to use the smaller design that actually has legs for acrobatics.
  5. mugen characters error how to fix

    Are you using WinMUGEN or Mugen 1.0/1.1? The AILevel feature does not exist in WinMUGEN
  6. Sceptile by Jetgoshi and Dylanius9000

    he's afraid of vore edits
  7. [3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

    lmao good job you can pause the game and go to gamefaqs now
  8. Fighter Factory 3 doesn't fit in 1024x600 screen

    you can possibly get by if you set the taskbar to auto-hide or move it to the left/right of your screen to add a little bit of extra vertical space
  9. [3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

    a series of d&d campaigns where the dm is very bad at thinking of ways to start them
  10. [3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

    they sure are making a lot of pokemon games for the super nintendo these days
  11. M.Blaziken

    Not much to show on the character this week as I've spent most of the time correcting the velocities and implementing more accurate behavior for jumping/dashing friction, air gethits and proper velocities during air combos. What I have also been working on is a small program to automatically process sprites like these and make them look better - specifically replacing the black outlines with darker shades of the closest color, adding outlines around small details like the eyes, and adding smoothing between two shades of the same color. At the moment it's a very early prototype - all the color values are hardcoded, it's buggy and has no real GUI to speak off, so it's not much use to anyone else as of now. An example using the standing stance: For testing purposes, I probably can't fit two AA shades in each palette entry with the level of color separation going on, and the outlines probably need darker entries instead of using the next shadow color.
  12. Need help fishing out a bug.

    Are you sure you aren't experiencing keyboard ghosting instead? I don't remeber what the default keyboard layout is or what you've changed the controls to but for example I can't hit Z & X simultaenously with the down or right arrows on my laptop.
  13. M.Blaziken

    It's all custom animatiom, just the original meshes from the 3DS.
  14. M.Blaziken

    It's an unserious character, since i have 700 3D models and i'm going to use them.
  15. M.Blaziken

    Hi im back again with a brand new character As you can see in the video it's based on the first Marvel Vs Capcom aiming towards a fair amount of accuracy that I could scrape from the game. Currently it doesn't have half the special moves or AI logic for any of them coded so it can't do much more than just rush forward and do chain combos. Hey weren't you making that MvC2 Mewtwo- Yeah but it wasn't shaping up so well and I don't have the time to clean up sprites all day instead of just rendering a model in high-res. Maybe I'll look back into it now the SSB4 3D model exists. Images: