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  1. I'm having a blast lately with Shion from KOFXI by Juke Kisaragi, edited by Duracelleur a la MVC, I fucking LOVE IT!
  2. Thank you, I was about to download them, not worth it.
  3. Oh goodie!
  4. I thought it was made by Jose Cuervo since you warned about this character being choppy. lol
  5. Fantastic news! keep it up!
  6. Did he turned into a leech?
  7. That's pretty cool, question: did you quit on Solid Snake?
  8. The statues clash with the rest of the stage.
  9. Holy shit! how the hell did I miss this? great model.
  10. I want Carnage in it damn it!
  11. Metal Gear Survive = Left 4 Dead game, this time Konami went too far, fucked up big time!

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    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      *breifly logs in*

      You need to see this

      *quickly logs out*

    3. Doomguy


      RIP in Piss Konami: 198X-201X

    4. Dylanius the Kirby

      Dylanius the Kirby

      wasn't this a fake blog or something?

  12. I love how you can chain combo with ease, looks fantastic! the only thing I could say is that raging storm sprite doesn't look quite appealing to me, use Geese's KOF '96 raging storm sprite instead, just a suggestion, overall awesome.
  13. Dr. Lazarov, Y U so evil!?

  14. Kefka what are you laughing about!? 

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      That dude is practically The Joker of the Final Fantasy series.

    2. Mister Fael
    3. Noside


      Exactly guys! :=D: