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  1. Kirimuri settles himself on a chair near a relatively quiet corner and starts flipping through his tome. Kirimuri: (...Should I also make another tome? ...The name Manananggal suddenly came to my mind. Or maybe should it be scrolls instead?) Lucent walks in the training center and is immediately noticed by Kirimuri. Kirimuri: (...Doesn't seem like he's fighting.) He moves his eyes at a television showing the current match between Anwalt and Raina. Then he looks at Lucent again. Kirimuri: (...They look like brothers. Probably the polar opposite of each other. Reminds me of the 2 maids who are serving Corrin... Although different in terms of attitude and quality and not in terms of... competence.)
  2. Uninterested in continuing this conversation, Kirimuri politely leaves. Kirimuri: ...'Scuse me. I need some space and fresh air.
  3. Kirimuri: It's... inspired by multiple styles from Kohga and from different neighboring nations, such as Nohr and Hoshido.
  4. Kirimuri: A place called Kohga. He replied quickly. Kirimuri: And you?
  5. Kirimuri: (Whew... I might need to take a break now... Don't want to exhaust myself before the fight.) He approaches the nearest drinking fountain and drinks quite a lot. He looks at the other training fighters nearby and can see more new faces entering the training center. Kirimuri: (More people, huh...) Kirimuri: (...Not that I'd care.) He finds a bench and sits on it, with his weapons lying on it while he wipes the sweat away from his glasses.
  6. Kirimuri: Whew... It seems that Kirimuri had too much fun with the shooting range. He checks the score of the top 50 highest score and finds himself... in the 48th place? Kirimuri: (A minor achievement I guess. What if I became an archer instead...?) He leaves the shooting range and goes back to the training room, where he occupies a small, free corner in the room and begins to spin his spear in order to keep his muscles in shape...
  7. Kirimuri: Thanks... He checked his belongings again before leaving for the training facilities. The door opens... and place greets the officer with a sense of suspense and excitement. The training area was fairly open and wide, and had lots of equipments, including a large ring for sparring. Kirimuri: (Impressive. This is way better than what we had in the dojos...) He wanted to swing his staff around for a bit, but then he turned his gaze towards the shooting range which caught his eyes. Kirimuri: (This is quite similar to the target practice that we had back in Kohga...) He wanted to test his tome Enenra. He had poured a lot of work on it, so he needed to make sure whether his efforts were rewarding or not. A command remote can be seen next to him. He looks at the instruction manuel right next to it, then proceeds to activate the training session. A slightly loud beep, followed by the ceiling lights being turned off, indicates that the training session is starting. Multiple CCTV-like gadgets start appearing and projecting images of three-dimensional orange human-like silhouettes. They begin to run around in order to approach Kirimuri. Kirimuri: (So it has begun...) He spots one silhouette running to his far left. He opens his tome and quickly flips through pages, then initiate his attack. Kirimuri: Deru kugi wa utareru! A small cloud of smoke forms on top of that silhouette, then crashes down on it, which cripples the silhouette. Then, it implodes, shattering the defeated image into cubes which slowly fade away...
  8. Kirimuri: Does decimal numbers count? I'll take 3,14. Otherwise, round it down and you'll have 3.
  9. The man nods as he receives the form from the receptionist. ???: (Name? Simple....) ???: Kirimuri. After completing the form, Kirimuri hands it back to the receptionist. Hopefully his handwriting isn't too illegible...
  10. ???: Oh, okay. He proceeds to approach the receptionist. The two bespectacled people face each other, though one of them have no problem with their eyesight. Maybe his glasses are actually hindering his vision while the opposite is applied to the woman. Weird, isn't it?
  11. The man walks out and starts looking for the registration place.
  12. The man enters the elevator as instructed. The door slowly closes down a few seconds after he entered it, and the elevator begins to go down. In the meantime, he listens to the music playing from the speaker. ???: Good stuff...
  13. Following the signs wasn't a difficult task, as the man ended up in front of an elevator, seeing the person who matches the description mentioned by the bouncer. ???: Hello there. I reckon you'll take me to the arena?
  14. ???: Thank you. He said as he walked by the bouncer. Heading to the rear, he's greeted by large noises from the dancing area, despite being from another section of the place. People are jumping and screaming... but his eyes are set on a different place.
  15. ???: Understood. I'm not interested in dancing in a middle of a super crowded place filled by strangers anyway. ???: I suppose this guy with "tall" blonde hair is the owner of the arena or something like that?
  16. A dozen of minutes pass by, and the man arrives in front of the place. A danceclub? He doesn't seem interested by it. He wants to fight instead. With a bit of excitement, the man proceeds to enter the building. ???: (I wonder what kinds of fighters are there?) He asks a man who seems to work at the place, judging by his attire. ???: 'Scuse me... where does the fighting takes place? I'm interested in participating in it.
  17. The man explores the city of Kalos. The infrastructures, the atmosphere and the people seem unfamiliar from where he comes from, yet they're making him feel comfortable right off the bat. It's as if there was this feeling of unity between the people. No signs of discord were present, not even a single hint. He picks up a small informative paper from a nearby tourist information office and learns a bit about the city, ranging from its history, certain cultural places and activities, restaurants and hotels. It seems like he has been transported into a world which unites people from different universes. One thing is bugging his mind however... how did he get here instead of arriving at his preferred destination? Though interested in discovering the city a bit more, he decides to focus on his main objective instead. Getting money. Yes, money. No matter how important the difference between the worlds is, certain things will always be the same. ???: (Hmm... I need to find a temporary source of income in order to find a place to stay and keep my belly full.) Scrolling again past the papers, he notices that there is an arena in the city, which offers rewards to the participants. This would unexpectedly be a chance to hone his fighting and magic skills. ???: (It's better to get your glasses busted than to starve to death, I guess.) He checked the address one more time, then starts reading the map which came with the papers. Then, he starts walking to the destination, accompanied with intrigue and also a bit of nervousness.
  18. In the meantime... a small, bright and blue-ish portal appeared from nowhere in a back alley. It throws a man out of it before sucking on itself, shrinking, and vanishing without leaving a trace. The man, fancily dressed as if he belongs to a military force, tries to recuperate his belongings who are all scattered everywhere on the ground. These include a fake pair of glasses, a black tome with shiny silver textures and a staff with a somewhat odd shape at one of its end. The staff ressembles something that is used by wandering monks, though the attire of the man indicates otherwise. ???: Ugh, so much for jumping into the Bottomless Canyon in order to reach Valla... He adjusts his glasses and proceeds to look around him. Something doesn't feel right. The environment seems different from where he comes from. ???: ...Wait a second, this isn't Valla?! And now the portal's gone! He takes off his glasses and looks around him again to make sure his eyes weren't fooling him. They weren't. ???: ...Looks like I've been thrown into a different world or something like that... Oh well, not that it matters anyway. Guess I should look around for information. The man leaves the small alleyway in order to explore the area.
  19. Looking for active roleplayers after a major blunder and the departure of several comrades led our current RP into the trash bin 

  20. Kirimuri was standing by in the room in the right flank. He was thinking how to infiltrate the Defense team's base. He could notice Emilia approaching his side. Kirimuri: (Change of plans? Oh we-) Then he immediately spots Byakuya's laid trap waiting at the exit. Kirimuri: (I doubt she's the type of people who'd brainlessly charge into the trap without planning ahead. I don't like to do something like this... but I'll use her as a bait, sneak around both of them and land a hard blow on the back of that guy's head before he could even touch her. Then I'll smoke bomb the whole place or become invisible then sneak the maid outside... Hopefully the left flank manages to penetrate their defenses in time as well.)
  21. Kirimuri: Well, see you guys later! Kirimuri drops a smoke bomb in the middle of the map, near the middle wall of the Defense team. The blast radius was just enough so that Agni can scout the Defense team's base without getting his view obstructed. He becomes invisible then proceeds to sneak quietlg in the Defense team's base from the right flank of the map.
  22. Kirimuri continues his approach at the car on the right side of the map. He equips his staff and prepares one of his smoke bombs.
  23. Kirimuri begins the round by moving to the right side of the map.
  24. Kirimuri: (Quick summary... Lure 'em with smoke, go invisible and snatch the maid. If I see 13P, I'll go invisible then shoot the Pod. Then proceed to batter him. Simple.) Kirimuri: Let's go... LET'S GO! Kirimuri said with determination and a bit of anger, while clapping his hands to call for everybody.
  25. How to achieve success in life:

    - Spend 2 weeks of vacation doing absolutely nothing

    - Work 48 hours nonstop the day before the test

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