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  1. Moments later, another Mech-Hisui arrives at the cafetera, bringing Kirimuri's breakfast. Kirimuri says thanks to her as she left. Kirimuri: Time to eat... He immediately takes a few large bites from his grilled cheese, while adding an extra olive inside his mouth after every single bite. Kirimuri: Hmn... I could still stuff some more scrambled eggs and apple juice. Oh well, I'll just come back here and eat in case if I get hungry.
  2. Kirimuri: What do you mean by completely full, this is barely a snack for me? Kirimuri: ...Just kidding. I won't be taking the scrambled eggs and the apple juice then. I'm keeping the oatmeal, grilled cheese and olives.
  3. Kirimuri: I'll have... a grilled cheese sandwich, scrambled eggs, an oatmeal with raisins, berries and bananas on top, plus a cup of apple juice. And a small bowl of black & green olives, if you have any. Without seeds would be nice.
  4. Kirimuri: Pss... Kirimuri: Meh. I'll be heading to the cafeteria too.
  5. I love myself

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      Love Is Always The Best Step In Helping Yourself and Others! Keep Being Awesome! ^_^


  6. Kirimuri: Meh. Can't really blame you for that. Call me Kirimuri. Or Kiri. Or masked creep, or whatever comes to your mind in case you forgot my pseudonym again.
  7. Kirimuri: Hmm... My head is still on my body after getting violently attacked by a psychotic nun and a rebellious little girl with knives. I guess it's not too... different from where I come from at least. Been living on the edge since a while.
  8. Kirimuri: I appreciate it. Can't wait to fill my belly... Kirimuri: Good morning. I slept well like a log, I guess. I'm heading upstairs to eat breakfast, want to tag along?
  9. Faint rays of light begins to enter Kirimuri's room. His phone's alarm rings. He reaches out to his phone and turns the alarm off. Kirimuri: Ugh... Kirimuri gets out of his bed and gazes out the window. It was fairly gloomy and dark outside. He looked at Kiryu who was still sleeping in a comfortable manner. He checks his phone's clock, which indicates 7 AM. He dresses himself up and proceeds to leave the room. In the hallway, Kirimuri notices a Mech-Hisui who was vacuuming the floor. He says hello to her before entering the lobby. The lobby was pretty quiet, in a calming way. The reception counter was still empty. Another Mech-Hisui is seen cleaning the doors. The man proceeds to sit on a sofa and turn on the TV. Sports Commentator: "...Marshall crosses the ball to Adebayo, who dribbles past 2 defenders... The ball is passed to De La Croix, who attempts to do a header... AND HE SCORES! GOOOAAAAAL! IT'S AN EXCELLENT TEAMWORK MADE BY THE DILLIONS!" Kirimuri: Football... haven't touched it for a while. Maybe I should find a football and play with it during my free time... He continues watching the game between the Pompas and the Dillions. While he was spectating the game however, his belly started growing. Kirimuri: Hmm... I haven't eaten much yesterday since arriving here. He asks a nearby Mech-Hisui. Kirimuri: Excuse me... Does this facility provide free breakfast?
  10. 15K also withdrew from the scene and returned to the Headquarters with Murieann. Upon his arrival, he goes to the repair & maintenance area in order to inspect the damages and the mysterious bug in his system. 15K: Reporting. A certain bug has been detected earlier in 15K's OS chip which caused the unit to move without command, endangering this one and fellow Murieann. He then lays himself on a table, surrounded by cables and repairing machines. 15K: Entering hibernation mode for maintenance. Systems shutting down in 3... 2... 1... The android shuts down, and the lights emitting from parts of his body begin to slowly fade away.
  11. 15K also starts following Murieann to the rendezvous point, not before looking at the purple goo of the neutralized beast. He proceeds to contact Ocelot: 15K: Requesting the presence of the specialists that can retrieve and analyze this mysterious purple liquid substance. It seems haphazardly dangerous however. 15K will withdraw in the meantime.
  12. 15K halted his movement and began to scan the purple goo. 15K: Analyzing... Complete. No sign of life force detected. Target has successfully been terminated.
  13. 15K: Target is displaying extreme resilience. Engaging with brute strength. 15K prepares a boxing-like stance and slowly approaches the creature with caution. He then moves to the far right of the creature, attempting to corner then flank it with the Knights.
  14. The only reason why I still go on this forum is just to role play

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      White Ranger

      At least your keeping boredom at bay :)

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      That's true xD

      To be honest, I haven't found any other RP thread on every RP forum that's similar to MFFA's. We tend to use a bunch of portraits to emphasize direct speech, while most of the RP threads in the internet writes a bunch of stuffs

  15. Learning Bo Staff

    Tried self-teaching me a few basics, I can spin the staff in 3-4 different ways, do a few strikes and a little combo Here are a few useful vids which I learned the basics from: