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  1. Kirimuri: Well, see you guys later! Kirimuri drops a smoke bomb in the middle of the map, near the middle wall of the Defense team. The blast radius was just enough so that Agni can scout the Defense team's base without getting his view obstructed. He becomes invisible then proceeds to sneak quietlg in the Defense team's base from the right flank of the map.
  2. Kirimuri continues his approach at the car on the right side of the map. He equips his staff and prepares one of his smoke bombs.
  3. Kirimuri begins the round by moving to the right side of the map.
  4. Kirimuri: (Quick summary... Lure 'em with smoke, go invisible and snatch the maid. If I see 13P, I'll go invisible then shoot the Pod. Then proceed to batter him. Simple.) Kirimuri: Let's go... LET'S GO! Kirimuri said with determination and a bit of anger, while clapping his hands to call for everybody.
  5. How to achieve success in life:

    - Spend 2 weeks of vacation doing absolutely nothing

    - Work 48 hours nonstop the day before the test

    1. Eduardo Merenda

      Eduardo Merenda

      Or you can use your money to make the things roll.

      The Money is your little friend, not the Dollynho

  6. Kirimuri: I'll try to deal with him. And the Pod. I didn't get a chance to use certain tactics during the last round. Kirimuri: ...I wonder if a smoke bullet can take down his Pod? Kirimuri said as he pulled out his revolver, loaded with ammunition.
  7. Kirimuri: What the fuck!? Clearly disappointed with the result, Kirimuri gets back up and begins to regroup with his team. Kirimuri: *incomprehensible mumbling and swearing* His current attitude is brief, however, so as soon as he arrives, he's back to his normal state. Kirimuri: Tch tch. It's happened. Kirimuri: Although I would like to propose that we change our leader... Kirimuri said as he turned his eyes at LightFlare. Kirimuri: No hard feelings man, you have the spirit and the desire of a warrior and I like it. But you're not ready to lead... yet. A leader also has to be someone who can take a whole lot of responsibility and guide their team to the best outcome. In this case, you left all of us by ourselves and it severely disrupted the members' ability to understand each other's thinking. Kirimuri: I'll take an example... Rokurou brainlessly charged at 4 of them, leaving Etomo alone. And then you know what happened next. Kirimuri: I think... for the next round, we should adapt a plan to the team instead of doing the other way around.
  8. Kirimuri: Whoopity whoopity doo! Kirimuri rushes out from the left flank and swiftly performs a slide tackle at Byakuya, seeking to cripple him and knock him down.
  9. Kirimuri answered Byakuya's taunt. Kirimuri: Oh yeah? How about I put you to sleep then pummel you right now and score an elimination? He flings his smoke-infused staff like a javelin over the wall, which should land where Byakuya was. The staff will emit instantly a cloud of hypnotic smoke which will put Byakuya to sleep within 10 to 15 seconds, should he inhale the smoke.
  10. Kirimuri went farther into the offense base, then noticed Byakuya isn't following him. Kirimuri: (Is he gone? Maybe he decided to actually follow his team's objective instead. I need to fix up this injury real quick...) He left his invisible form again. He snaps his fingers, then his body proceeds to emit black-ish smoke. By using Smoldering, he can passively regenerate his health. Kirimuri: (I'll shoot that annoying Pod of 5T, it ain't fair when they have an extra semi-sentient being that can assist their team...) He pulled out his revolver, and loaded his smoke bullets inside. They can jam the Pod or force a living being to sleep. Kirimuri proceeds to leave the offense base from the west, now with his health almost fully regenerated, although his defense is still lower than before the explosion.
  11. The gravity sphere slowly fades away. Kirimuri struggles to get up due to his hard contact with the wall behind him. He slowly reaches for his staff in order to stand up. Kirimuri: (Damned wall and lowered defense! If they were never there, I would have safely gotten myself out of this or could get up without breaking a sweat. My back freaking hurts and I can't even stand straight without shaking.) Although the haze that remained after the explosion is still lingering around, Kirimuri could see Byakuya's shadow slowly approaching him. He is clearly annoyed that his attempt did not eliminate any of the targets, even if 5T is weakened from it. Kirimuri: (Damn you! I'm getting my beat-up arse out of here.) Kirimuri quickly enters his invisible form then tries to flee from the area, whilst struggling with the shock from the impact between him and the wall.
  12. Kirimuri finds himself in a huge disadvantage. With his body being dragged back by the gravity and Hinamori & 5T shooting at him, he knew he needed to think of something quick. He thought of trying something. He had never tried this before, so this could end up being risky and could fail. Out of sudden, he conducts the lingering white smoke into his staff and yells: Kirimuri: WHERE THERE IS SMOKE, THERE IS FIRE! Using all of his strength, combined with the gravity sphere which is dragging him back and down, he smashes on the ground in front of him with the staff. The white smoke triggers then creates a huge explosion that travels like a blast cone in front of him, which could cancel any projectile flying towards him and engulf Yui, Hinamori, Byakuya and 5T. The explosion pushes the man in black back who is slammed hard on the wall. His body is dragged back to the still-active gravity sphere's radius. Although the damage caused by the explosion isn't too much due to its nature, his smoke power and the fact that the explosion happened in front of him without touching him that much, the force caused from it that pushed him on the wall could incapacitate him because of his substantially lowered defense.



    1. Pluscross


      I heard of a Stinkfinger in a video somewhere, is he related?

  14. (Red: Area of impact, smoke cloud) The baton Hinamori repelled flies away but explodes just 5 steps away from her, then slightly pushed the people near the explosion. It leaves a cloud of smoke behind. Kirimuri: (Great. Now we're even more outnumbered...) Kirimuri: (Luckily I still have something...) Kirimuri retreats back to the rooms. This time, he leaves his invisible form. He pulls out his e-cig, vapes then proceeds to blow the smoke on his own body. The smoke appears unusually white and lingers around him. He pulls out a smoke bomb then throws it over the wall. It should land near the 4 of the attacking team then create a smokescreen, impairing their vision. Kirimuri: (If this fails, I must try to get close as possible to one of them then trigger this smoke...) He readies his staff charged with smoke and proceeds to leave the room, approaching Yui, Hinamori, 5T and Byakuya. (Red: Smoke cloud from the baton ; Light brown: Smokescreen)
  15. I liked Kenshi on MKX and decided to make him my main fighter. Tried a few nice combos during the training sessions.
    Got fucked up by a friend who only played Scorpion.
    Came back with Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage then raped him.

    1. Pluscross


      All he did was use Scorpion, why did...