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    ill never forget seeing this guy and the ghost he was all those years ago, glad too see a sought after want of a character get released 
  2. My Mugen Legacy

      it was a pleasure doing them Bud & thank you 
  3. [1.1] Balrog HDR Stage by Parse released 2/2/2016

    wow, didn't know Parse was still in the game 
  4. Bappa,Bappa,Bappa,Bappa.Bappa.Bop,Bop,Bop 

  5. 2016: Last Of A Surviving Breed - Palettes by Ky

    extremely accurate 
  6. 2016: Last Of A Surviving Breed - Palettes by Ky

    man,way to put in work right there, Very Nice 
  7. Metroid Nightmare (Fusion+Other M) boss (last update: 31/01/16)

    sweet mama luka that thing is huge 
  8. Mugen - Age of Bosses

    The colors man ......the colors 
  9. 2016: Last Of A Surviving Breed - Palettes by Ky

    Torch is being carried VERY well 
  10. without making palettes,my free time has become exponentially more boring , i might just have to Re download FF3 and just makes some palettes for the hell of it 

    1. Noside


      And more time to troll Tony Homo.LOL!

    2. Galvatron


      LOL! just can't get away from old hobbies huh Brock? XD

  11. found out an old friend/more like acquaintance was killed by his 16 y/o GF , he was 43 at the time, never knew i was friends with a paedo  , wasn't shocked though, disgusted really 

    1. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      Young girls got issues...

  12. 2016: Last Of A Surviving Breed - Palettes by Ky

    damn , good job 
  13. Iron Knuckle Willy

    Ryon, This right here, will be the Forever Reason Why u are the coolest Mugen creator ever 
  14. Happy 36th Birthday Brock.  keep on Rocking!!! Man. :-)

  15. zombiebrocks Palette Making Tutorial (no audio,sorry)

          I Have NO idea why this didn't notify me of this reply, so i apologize for the late Reply    To answer the First question , i usually Went down by 10 to 20 points when going Darker so say it was at 255 my next would be 233 ect,ect , But at sometimes i would just eye it out , so i guess i didn't really answer , so ...Both lol , as for your Second question.... sometimes a character's palette is just screwed up & won't do what u want to no matter what & just like i would, u made the right decision to walk away from that character ,you're just going to run into those from time to time, nothing u can really do, Thank u so much for the comments ,and just like much in mugen, with palettes practice makes perfect, it took me almost a year to get decent & really understanding how Shading ,makes the characters pop , so keep at it & eventually with enough practice, it will become second hand & im glad my video's helped someone lol