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  1. Athena Edits Collection i hope it will work. in the worst case i will make an account in mediafireXD
  2. Athena Edits Collection

    more edits (yes... i have a lot XD) armored athena - based on athena's striker from kof 2000. new athena - edit based on KOF XI athena. slasher athena R. - athena with a kitchen knife.
  3. Athena Edits Collection

    few more edits: 1. Capcom Athena - she similar to athena from "capcom vs snk 2" but with some changes. for me she looks much better than the original one. 2. Sandy - a mix with athena and blue mary. 3. Soul calibur capcom - a human version of sould calibur with capcom style (Edit of cvs athena) 4. sould calibur SNK - an edit of goddes athena. human version of soul calibur with SNK style
  4. Athena Edits Collection

    i have this one: this is clara heidern (heidren's dead daughter). its just an edited version of heidren athena. but still pretty nice character
  5. Athena Edits Collection

    first of all: thank you very much for this collection! Athena is my 2nd favorite KOF character (and the 1st female favortie kof character). im so happy right no XD so i have these edits: Athena 99 - just athena with kof 99's outfit but with a little twist: her hair is long. good for the people that didn't like her short hair XD Master Athena - one of the coolest edits. at first she looks like a regular athena with XI outfit. but when you press the start button she change her outfit and the gamestyle to previous outfits (and gamestyle). so you can star a fight with 98's style but end it with 2002's style.
  6. Kula Edits Collection

    thank you very much :)
  7. Kula Edits Collection

    i can't click on god kula and viany. can you fix it please? :)
  8. Kula Edits Collection

    no problem. happy to help :)
  9. Kula Edits Collection

    You added the characters that i sent to you. thanks :) by the way, i have more few edits that i forgot about them. i can send to you if you want :)