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  1. admin, please look into this

    Couple things I gotta say: 1. You want him demoted for "guild bias"? That's totally not how it works. To put this into reality, just because I have bias for x over y, I should lose my job/get demoted from a higher position? 2. Other than RP arguing against you and being active on guild, how is he a guild lackey? 3. Did it ever occur to you that if you wanted to respond to him, you could've dm'ed him, and not made such a stink over it? You're just making drama to make drama. Please, just stop.
  2. Discord text to speech give me life like nothing else has.

  3. about the guild vs archive war

    Haha yes, someone making a thread entirely for drama, how lovely. Now, here's a question: What's the point of this thread? You're just making yourself look dumber and dumber every post you make. Suggest you just stop before you lose the little credibility you had, if you had any, that is.
  4. The potential for No More Heroes 3 is hype enough for me. Rest of the switch presentation was fine, but NMH is something that both caught me off guard and made me quite happy.

  5. So happy the site's back to normal, MFFA is back and here to stay :D

  6. Love when I'm locked out of my account for like, 3 and a half weeks? Maybe more? Welp, I guess I got into my account finally. Yay.

  7. Alucard By TheNoLifeKing released (4/28/2016)

    Wait, this is a brand new release? I could've swore I saw this Alucard like, a year ago at least. Unless this is an edited version or an update, which is probably the case, though it seems almost identical to an Alucard I've seen before.
  8. Where's Francis? by MetreroG released on 14/4/16

    Downloading right now. I remember this scene from the movie, one of the most memorable for me. Now I just have to patiently wait for the movie to come out on DVD or Redbox so I can watch it again, that movie was amazing.
  9. Turles + Tree of Might mode by Joe Flizz [Apr 18, 2016]

    Awww, only saw half of the title, so I was hyping up that Heal the World made a Turles. Thanks browser for false hype :/ (If he does make a Turles get me on that bandwagon, now.)
  10. Nightwolf by Dorgol released (2016-03-18)

    I could only wish...
  11. Bill Cipher by Super! (WinMugen and 1.0)

    I agree with you about the sprites. Shame its a collection purpose character. Who knows, Maybe someone will get around to making a semidecent version of Bill in the future.
  12. Nightwolf by Dorgol released (2016-03-18)

    Well, that's a shame. Kinda was wishing for a good Nightwolf to add to my roster, but eh. Maybe someone would give it some AI, but that may be a stretch.
  13. Kula Edits Collection

    If you do, I wish you the best of luck.
  14. [Gen6][Meta] UnderUbers discussion (05/09: Tier Shifts)

    This looks pretty interesting to me. Quick question though, how can we find matches with others? Is there like another thread, or just ask here, or what. Just trying to make sure for the future.
  15. Kula Edits Collection

    The collection looks pretty nice right now. Can't wait for it to be finished. Maybe you'll tackle Donald or KFM edits! Nah, that may be too much work XP All joking aside, good job man