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About Me



First of all! Hi~ Not gonna saymuch ´cause i feel lazy.


When comes to Mugen, i don´t have much to say beacuse i´m "somewhat" of a ...Starter "Stage Creator" since try to keep things simple and easy BUT also do Sprites from time to time.


-My Twitter (Which i use a lot nowdays):

Excahm´s Twitter.com

-My Mugen stuff can be found here:

Excahm´s Mugen Blogspot.com

-And my ART related works here like sprites and Signatures:

Excahm's DeviantArt.com

-My Youtube Where sometimes upload mugen matches and other PC games:

Excahm´s Youtube!!


Follow me if you like~


Now personaly:

I do have a very bad mouth...Oh! But i´m joking around like 98% of the time so~ Don´t take me serious at all and have some problems with english so sorry in advance.