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  1. Holiday Presents for the Forum

    I have read enoght hentai to know--- Wait, wrong topic. Suprises are welcome~
  2. Zenryoku updated by tanukida_taichi on 2017-12-11

    Glad to have these different news here, weird and original characters are needed.
  3. Just saw a trailer for some Batman Ninja japanese story bullshit, this is shit, gross, some weeb trash, overrated, dumb and stupid idea---I love it.

    1. Noside


      Actually, Batman Ninja sounds ridiculous and has absolutely nothing to do with Japanese story which makes it even worse.-Horse shit

  4. I died for memes and lewds.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Understandable have a nice day.

  5. Ex - Memorial Sunset

    Nah, i keep those for myself V :
  6. I´m one year older U: yay


    Also, other stage released:


  7. Ex - Memorial Sunset

    [PREVIEW] Video: [LINK] http://excahmmugen.blogspot.mx >Excahm´s Box [INFO] -Mugen 1.1 Only. -Parallax = Yes -Superjump = Yes. -Zoom = Yes! -BGM Loop = Yes Today is my Birthday!, so decided to release something~ Hope you like it. The stage will have a 1.0 version next year since i´m too busy right now to do it. Leave feeback if any please.
  8. Made this 3D Desktop background last night using one of my stages PSDs.

    Waddaya think? [PREVIEW]



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Superkingkong65


      @XiristatosStill better than mine:

      Image result for black screen

    3. Xiristatos


      @Superkingkong65 And here I was thinking that image failed to load... I mean, now that's a boring life to have, dear boy.

    4. TheRedBeast


      lol mine is Q vs answer in the dust XD

  9. Started watching RWBY because Blazblue made me like the music, the music sent me to RWBY Fanart, Fanart sent me to RWBY Chibi, Chibi to Grimm Eclipse and Grimm Eclipse to the actual thing.


    I´m at episode 9 right now.

    1. Destined Shogun

      Destined Shogun

      what are you talking about...?

    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Episode 16 done! This is good.... Did not expected this.

    3. ℱɪʀᴇʙɪʀᴅ


      With a cast of engaging characters and great fight scenes (Not the ones that drag on forever where characters talk and have flashbacks common in every shonen) RWBY was easy for me to get into.

  10. I tried to draw my OC in FATE April´s Fool Style, how does look? [VIEW]



    1. narin.zhi


      look funny

    2. DuckMannnn


      Looks great, now we need a Rule 34 style

  11. "Gentlemen, i like brawl."

  12. Uploaded another Mugen Video, check please! [VIDEO]



  13. Shin Godzillen by AO updated 9/22/17

    Like, how did i miss this out??? Loved this little monster movie, i´mma download to rekt the AI.
  14. Any good "Free" site to watch anime with little to no ADS? What do you use?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Noside


      Fuck it, I always torrent anime with original jap voices and subs included.

    3. DuckMannnn


      I used to use Gogoanime, but now I use Masteranime more frequently

    4. Destined Shogun

      Destined Shogun

      is crunchyroll not like that too...

  15. Aquapazza - Castle Avalon.

    Thanks! Hopefully i´ll have another one done for this weekend.