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    I think a lot of people can agree on this. 

  2. Hmm, time really does fly. Happy 2018. Hope the year's good.

  3. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Heritage for the Future

    Is there a MediaFire or OneDrive link for Niname's characters?
  4. Haruhi by Yu_Toharu

    Haruhi by Yu_Toharu An edit of Choiyer's Haruhi. It has two modes. Link: http://shakesdream.web.fc2.com/MUGEN001.html
  5. Well it's a pretty inferior move to Mado's other stun (or in this case, freeze) move, the Yuki-Onna effect since it freezes when the opponent hits it. Stoplight however doesn't seem to do that. Also, I realized that making it an EX move was a poor idea. Dumb me. :/
  6. Can you please revamp (or replace) Mado's Stoplight special. I feel it's kinda useless.
  7. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    I have those two in my roster. If I can choose who is harder, I'd probably choose Muffet because 2/3 of her strikers unleash bullet hell on you and has an annoying super that makes projectiles spaw everywhere and it won't end until the next round. Oh, and her Tea Shooter is unblockable and spamable. At least she doesn't have Papyrus' bone traps...
  8. Muffet by FourthRyhme

    Muffet by FourthRyhme Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folder...
  9. Looks like my boy Azrael is goanna be in Cross Tag Battle.

  10. I need help with the screen

    The screen was fine until many days later.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/qVStL I got MUGEN 3 Galaxy (1.1 version) and when I added my own characters, all it showed was a bunch of KFM. After some tweaking, it showed nothing. I need help with this because the screenpack looks so cool.
  12. I need help with the screen

    I need help with the screen https://imgur.com/a/sz4lx How do I change the screen view? It's not letting me fully see the life bars.
  13. Touhou Project

    You can always use Rice's. It's not source accurate, but it does feel like you're playing as her.