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  1. Tried Undertanding a bit more on latroy6's sonic characters

    I manage to make a Full A.I. Combo

    I learned from this tutorial


    1. Pluscross


      ...Who's Mario and Luigi is that? A W.I.P?


      Also... A.I. advancements? UH-OH. Good work so far?

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Actually its mine

      The Green Mario you said is actually a palette not the  actual character


      The A.I. is basicly similar to Latroy6's characters

      If you look in their .CNS file

  2. Super Mario Bros.

    Heya Sumin released his Incomplete Luigi
  3. I've been trying to make this...

    I dont know if im likely gonna work on it a lot...

    1. MugenGuy4164



      A Voice

      A few Moves i think that fit for toriel (The only ones i made up are Fire: one fireball and Fire Blast (hyper).)

      Few others i forgot...

    2. Pluscross



  4. South Park

    theres another stan thats a spriteswap of Kyle
  5. Oh look my frisk has a cheap mode i tried to implement


  6. This Spin Kick Move thing (from certain street fighter characters)

    was quite simple to code

    I tried doing that

    1. Doomguy
    2. MugenGuy4164


      I also learned from this character Code from a Pocket Ken By Zero-Sennin (but i did not use the code)

    3. Kure_hiroshima


      I Am planning to use This code. I Just credit you.

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  7. I've been trying to make this...

    Still need a few bits of you know:  help..

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Their faces look scary......

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Thats not really scary in my view :P TBH

      Btw i posted a vote thing

      I cant tell which one has the most


    3. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Do frisk, we desperately need a better frisk.

  8. Sometimes edits can be better than the original or something


  9. Garfield

    Reuploaded the Updated Garfield by Fer619 (i had it in my old Win7 Laptop so i decided to host this)'s+Garfield+(updated).rar
  10. I've been trying to make this

    It almost looks like Aperson98 doing this or something

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Looks like google+ worked out for your posts. Great job on the sprites btw! :)

    2. MugenGuy4164


      I even feel like theres should be a aperson98 styled mario

      the sprites and animations are not finished cause i started on this edit

    3. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Alrighty. Good luck on that Mario edit! ;)

  11. Lets just let "It." sit there till Frisk separates it or something




  12. Bordem...

    Im not good at some meme character Such as Badly Drawn Sans (Zens) from UNDERTALE repainted

  13. Bowser Jr. WORK IN PROGRESS

    Hope it turns out better than the other its turning out great
  14. While i was messing around with fighter factory

    i found some strange things in SNS' 3D Green Mario


    1. Pluscross


      Oh yeah. I went in there once. Very very odd stuff. Wonder what the hammers were going to be used for? And the TvC stuff...

    2. MugenGuy4164


      some screen packs and some how a striker (Wario is in there)

      and additional moves...

  15. When a timeline is Fused With tons of AUs or broken

    This occurs there....

  16. Im starting to not like Toriel From undertale because of a brutal paletteswap


    1. Pluscross


      ...They upsized Sumin's Mario? That's the REAL issue.


      Besides, that palette looks nice.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      no i upsized sumin's mario cause he was a little small


      the palette may look nice in this So called "underfell toriel" but its just nothing but a paletteswap of megax's first toriel

    3. Pluscross


      Still. It's a nice palette.

  17. There was a storyshift Chara but its just a simple spriteswap

    this version im making does use the sprites and with a few moves i thought out

    Inspirations are also included and other stuff i forgot to mention

  18. Tried to make it similar to ABAB's Sonic 12th palette and 6th palette

  19. I Dont know why is there bad Undertale Characters instead of good ones

    Becides megax's TuToriel I still say Too much because of the Hard a.i.

    1. Pluscross


      But, she can't roll...


      You just SIMPLY don't make a KoF styled character without rolling or dodging. That's just wrong. 

    2. MugenGuy4164


      that roll move thing is actually in the updated version of MegaX's TuToriel

      The Updated Version does have a few things balanced but the a.i. is still too hard

      Fun Fact: at some point in the MUGEN Database Endercreeper wanted to see a Fourthrhyme Style TuToriel

    3. Pluscross


      Eh, her A.I. is no problem with the stuff I have in her roster.


      Didn't know she had a update though... I'm actually admitting I used a UNDERTALE character... And enjoyed it... Heh. :meme1:

  20. tails and amy edit update vid


  21. Super Mario Bros.

    Hey sumin released his Luigi but its incomplete
  22. the site is back online again..

    now...what else can i do...

  23. How did my CDI luigi character test go?