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  1. I'll start off. Deadly Hat's!
  2. In this topic Please post all of your character video showcasing there updates as you make them. You should definitely post it in your topic as well, but Posting the videos here will earn you more audience! So I'll Start!
  3. All of us come from different ages of video games, I personally started with Nintendo and Sega Genesis, and throughout the years i've played A LOT of games. Most english, some japanese. So my question to all of you is What video game series would you like to see revived in beautiful HD? My picks would be Destrega Power Stone Bloody Roar Final Fantasy 9 Einhander Arcade America Battle Arena Toshinden Zombie Revenge Dynamite Cop / Dynamite Deca / Die Hard Arcade Brave Fencer Musashi / Mushinden
  4. Sooo.... in 1 word I want everyone to tell me what i've missed?

  5. Project Catch 'Em All Welcome to our full game. This is a Mugen project created by Alexei and Myself (Ryon). Project Catch 'Em All is a mugen fighting game like no other. Imagine a mash up of the Final Fantasy Battle System, with the Pokemon Battle System, then throw in some mugen. You end up with a Pokemon fighting game where all of your moves and attacks are based on ATB and range. The idea for this game came from Ryon. Just imagining a pokemon character for mugen that couldn't move, but would only move based on what attacks the player selected from a in game menu. Majority of the coding comes from Alexei. His Genius in coding has made this idea come to life and he even helped expand the idea of the ATB guage. Attack moves can clash. For instance, Bubble Beam vs. Flame Thrower, Or Hyper Beam vs. Hydro Pump. Everything can clash making for a more interesting battle. Recovery time is also included for moves such as Fly and Dig. Included in the demo is 2 Stages, 6 Characters (3 Alexei, 3 Ryon), a Beta Screenpack and Lifebars. What we are looking for are skilled stage creators and possible character coders who can follow our template for the engine. Now your probably wondering Which pokemon you can add, Well to tell you the truth, you can't just add anyone you want. A wonderful sprite artist by the name of Joshr has sprited all of the pokemon sprites that we use. You can view his sprites here following this link. If you choose to do so you may create that character. http://www.spriters-resource.com/submitter/JoshR691/ Alexei is doing all of the effects using After Effects. Unless you know how to use it or have fitting effects of your own, I would like to request we leave that to Alexei. If you'd like to make a character or contribute something, then PM either Ryon or Алексей (Alexei) here, so we can view your request and get back to you with some info and details on proceeding. [Title] - Temp [select] - Temp [battle] - In Game DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/download/f9o1ixpp421m1y2/Project_Catch_'Em_All_Demo_1.zip PLEASE POST ANY FOUND ERRORS, AND GENERAL FEEDBACK HERE! ITS NOT PERFECT BUT THIS IS A START TO SOMETHING GREAT. DEVELOPER REFERENCE GUIDE Please use this a reference and a guide on making characters compatible for this game. Also please remember to make your characters WITHIN your downloaded version of the game, and PM myself or Alexei your work, So that we may add it to the offical game. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ysl46564oojj3p1/PCEA_-_Developer_Reference.txt
  7. Android 18 Shes getting close to perfect, but I have several bugs to fix and the level 3 to do. Since I've released several characters in this style, Are there any opinions on this gameplay style? Should I remove the super ports ? Should I make more in this style? Why do I hate Gohan? Why do I hate Buu's?
  8. This house needs a bed and kitchen!
  9. Ryon

    How to code fly?

    but im saying he doesnt stay still when running, when flying its a still image in various angles so of course he doesnt move when shooting. but he still runs when shooting. are you trying to bring space harrier into mugen!?
  10. The video will not play, something about copy write ?
  11. This video tutorial will explain how to code a character who has transformations. The example I used is Goku from Jump Super Stars. This is the download link to "Goku Tutorial" http://www.mediafire.com/?rjowlo3r2c6f4h2 Press Start to transform.
  12. @Red Sprites in mugen 1.0 and 1.1 you can use a remappal code, to change palettes on the fly. in winmugen, there is no proper way to code a palette swap.
  13. Hey bro, I was wondering did you watch my stage tutorial video?
  14. Ryon

    How to code fly?

    I dont think the charcter stays still when shooting on the ground? as in he still runs while shooting.
  15. This is a good attempt at a stage sir, But you can do this alot better. I'll PM you.
  16. Ooooooo, Im just curious buddy how many characters have you made before??
  17. Dragon Ball FighterZ Style Freiza [Preview] [Download] http://www.mediafire.com/file/cn1xusdj0itadro/DBFZ_Freiza.rar [Read Me] Dragon Ball FighterZ Freiza (Inspired) Made by Ryon Release Date : March 21st 2018 - Preface - Unlike Krillin, This version of a character is more loyal to the gameplay mechanics of FighterZ. Krillin will get a update sooner or later. I enjoy playing with Freiza in FighterZ, but I feel he is lacking in the physical attacks department, sure you can ki blast and stuff all day but Im a fighter. So for this version the sprites were so plentiful that I was able to make a Freiza who can fight you hands on AND shoot you with ki blasts all day. Cheap? Yes. Freiza? Yes. - Commands - A = Special Attacks X = Light Attacks Y = Medium Attacks Z = Heavy Attacks START = ???? POWER CHARGE = A+X VANISH = Y+Z SUPER DASH = A+Z - Basic Combos - (Ground) X, X, X, X, X, X, X Y, Y, Y, Y X, X, X, Y, Y, down + Z (Air) X, X, X Y, Y X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Z (Crouch) X, Y, Z - Special Moves - Freiza Combo = Down, Foward, X Death Beam = Down, Down, Attack - Super Moves - 1G Next Time You'll Die = Down, Foward, A 1G Death Saucer = Down, Back, A 1G You Fool = Down, Down, A 1G Death Ball (Air) = Down, Foward, A 3G Nova Strike (Air) = Down, Back, A - Hyper Moves - 7G Golden Freiza - START - Known Issues - Damage Dampener Code has issues in Mugen 1.1. Missing a few Sounds? Shaking?
  18. While looking at these pictures I got the meanest Chill down my spine, as if I'm looking at a murder scene thats trying to be covered up by the killer by sharing it with the mugen community, and distracting them with the Playstation 1 Stage.
  19. Awesome stuff Jess! I found it HILARIOUS how you censored the images on Mugen Guild. LOL.
  20. Not to mention there are TONS of versions of MSH Hulk and Ironman already. Go look first. As for Kodama! Its nice to see more Dragoon Might characters! Keep up the great work!
  21. [Preview] [Download] http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4bbotnw334vt5a/SB_Krillin.rar [Comment] Krillin is a 3 button character, inspired by gameplay from the latest Dragon Ball fighting game; Dragon Ball FighterZ. A - Ki Blasts X - Light Y - Medium Z - Heavy A+X - Power Charge Y+Z - Vanish A+Z - Super Dash Combos can be done by pressing the X Y or Z buttons multiple times. This will trigger Auto Combos. Mix and match for best preformance! Supers are preformed by Down, Foward, Ki button Down, Back, Kit Button Using the Uno Type K tag version of Krillin Press Start for Assist Z + C for tagging in and out when standing near each other. Down, Foward, Z + C for tag super. If you enjoyed this Krillin then I have good news for you! Tien will be joining him soon!
  22. How To : Copy Moves From One Character To Another!
  23. How To : Code A Izuna Drop