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  1. How To : Copy Moves From One Character To Another!
  2. How To : Code A Izuna Drop
  3. How To : Code A Wall Bounce
  4. Roy's Legacy

    It says MUGEN Infinite Characters Arena..... does it say Roy's Legacy anywhere on it? Its a nice design, but the 2 names are odd.
  5. What the hell just happened?

    I figured you could use a strange familiar face around. LOL
  6. Holosseum

    baah, arcade games are so tricky to rip from, the real problem is to get them working.
  7. would you be able to fix the pictures? Photobucket does not support 3rd party (off site) direct linking anymore.
  8. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Man you really see some things you just would never imagine seeing. I'm loving the Cuphead stages, Alice your top notch as always bro!
  9. Holosseum

    Where could I find sprites of this Chen guy?
  10. What is your Real Name, really?

    You know its scary when you look at the start date of a topic and realize its from 2013, and it was YEEAAARSS ago. Holy crap.
  11. Im glad your enjoying it! If you ever have skype or wanna join me on Skype let me know I'll gladly be your mentor. Just be warned my training/teacher regimen is harsh but you shall learn excellently.
  12. Indeeeeed! Happy new year! I'm sorry I never replied to your christmas pm. I feel a 2nd wind if you catch my draft. (Get it? Wind...Draft!?..Ahahahhahaa) From the looks of it, your stages are all single layered images, which is a good start. Your next step should be weather effects, rain, snow.
  13. What the hell just happened?

    Don't you just LOVE Alexei for his amazing ability? This is what i kidnapped him in the first place. Plus he is a good chum.
  14. My man, so you started making your own mugen stuff now huh? I'm proud of you bro! If you ever need any advice please ask!
  15. @Werewood What took you so long? Bro, I've always LOVED your work, Your abilities and skills far surpass my own, I look to you for inspiration. I know things were hard for you before, but I'm glad your able to over come all of that and see it from a different light. Although I rarely log into MFFA (I've sorta Quit Mugen) Welcome back brother! THE WAREHOUSE THAT KEEPS ON SHARING WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU.