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  1. 1.1 HELP : Screen out of proportion

    screenpack is for 640x480 your using HD size... sooo yeah no gonna work.
  2. I think you have to look for the 1.1 version. because the zoomout and in are coded different within the engine. this is a issue with ALOT of older scaling stages.
  3. How To Make A Character (Complete!)

    I hope rayman turns out well! I can't wait to see it!
  4. dhaos stage

    Whats the 2nd image? does the stage change into that? or is it a seperate stage?
  5. Transparency on stages

    if it looks NORMAL until your character passes thru it, It is called the "Blackjack Trick" It's basically 3 (or 2) layers of the same image, 1 trans = sub, 1 trans = add, on top of each other giving the illusion of a solid image. The reason for this is because its to not block the characters. It can be REALLY helpful if done correctly but if you just put it in everywhere its not that great.
  6. How to make character stay in a mode?

    ok so its tricky then. you need to find out what variable changes when you select a certain palette (palette 1 - 6 is normal, 7 - 12 are for when you hold start, so its one of those) after you locate the variable, you just need to make sure its always on.
  7. MUGEN Engine has stopped working

    malformed expressions, are usually a "displaytoclipboard" code, that is not nessesary for players. It's only useful to creators as it tells us info. Strangely enough some creators leave it in thinking its no harm, but it causes malformed expressions sometimes. Simply locate (bottom of -2 or -3 state) and delete.
  8. something in the intro is bugged, can you share a link?
  9. MUGEN 1.1 LEGACY Custom Stages Problems

    that is a VERY fancy gimmick, because as far as I can tell, whoever selects the first character gets to select the stage. That screenshot looks like both people can select a stage.

    your delta for the background does not match up with the parallax speed when moving. I'm only giving this feedback based on watching the video. you should mess with the delta of your background so it doesnt move so fast compared to the top of the parallax.
  11. The Undertaker

    This is amazing. I loved he WWF Wrestlemania game! These are the Genesis sprites yes?
  12. thailand

    Nice little compliation. but I have to know.. did the statue move? cause it was half way down the water, then your looking up at its nose?
  13. you can do it, but there is no need to do it. i assume you are using fighter factory ultimate / classic. do not use those as they are outdated, use Fighter Factory 3. and you literally just add the sprites and it will add it's own sprites and it will work fine. Here is an example of something I did.
  14. This will sound ridiculous but have you considered copying the Wall Bounce code that KFM has? KFM's wall bounce code (called "Flying through air") is a GREAT start for wall bounce, all you would need to edit, is the velocity that controls Y value.
  15. How to make character stay in a mode?

    it sorta depends on how evil ryu mode is activated, is it by a palette (hold start when selecting?) or is it done in the middle of a match by super? also, there is a SF3 Evil Ryu (not by Helios) that is VERY good. I think it's by Vyn.