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  1. IF I remember correctly. Fighter Maker is a 3d fighting game engine for the PS1. You can essentially make your own 3D fighting game character's and put them against each other. When I saw it , it looked a bit limited.  
  2. Chinese Bootleg stuffs

    That last image! OH BOY! That's great.   Also Cheese Boy Long Pants, is gonna be real soon enough! Spongebob's new episode has him Sporting LONG Pants.   It's so awesome even to the point where a kid (Fish) says to his mom. "Is that my daddy?"
  3. Seravy's A.I. Guide

    A method I do for chain combo AI, is I have a varrandom, randomize a variable for me within the range of 100 or so. and if the variable lands on a number range betwen 0 - 24 25 - 49 50 - 74 75 - 100 it will trigger different states. I know it's not a perfect 1/4 chance, but do you think this is a good method for coding AI CHAIN COMBO RANDOMNESS ?
  4. Please post in the correct section! This section is for RESOURCES, NOT asking for help. I will move your topic.
  5. Mmmmmm Wendy's! So DELICIOUS!

    1. Cook4251


      This is DELICIOUS! =)

    2. TopKirby8305


      Get me a Frozen Dairy Dessert plz!


  6. Hey Ryon, How are you today? Your Head is okay? maybe you need see this post


  7. About Command Prompt.......

    *pushed myself* My head cracked, I've never messed with Prompt for this sorry I don't know. Surely there is something somewhere in the docs ?   are you making a front loader?
  8. It might be her, which version of her did you get?  and can you share a link so I can test it myself?
  9. Help With Winning Animation?

    You have followed my helper striker tutorial yes?   Basically in the win state, your gonna call a helper using the helper code. the helpers position will be off  screen of course.   no in the helper's state (the person running in) your gonna need a velset code which makes them run on to the screen. and another velset code to stop them, with a trigger1 = time = 30 , replace 30 with a more fitting number. (THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS , BUT LETS GO WITH THE EASY WAY)   when the helper stops running, you can use a changeanim (within the helper state) to show the help dancing.
  10. storyboard, Logo,and intro mugen

    UNFORTUNATELY!   There is no good place to start with editing storyboards, the best practice you can get is screenpack coding and stage coding. those are the 2 closest things to Storyboards.   Even I barely mess with storyboards
  11. Hi Ryon. I can't find the donation button. I started working again... and I make pretty good money. You have a wife and child, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you to invest alot of time in this non-profit hobby. I'm honeslty surprised you are still moderating here. Anyway, I'm about to join the army so I want to donate as early as possible. 


    BTW I've recently started to neglect MUGEN... I can't get MUGEN 1.1 to work for me... I really hope to see something exciting and innovative about mugen soon... though it seems quite impossible with Elecbyte current status...

  12. Just Letting You Know

  13. Wow lots of birthday people today! Roy is right! Happy Birthday all 6 of you!

  14. @AxSeeker, Actually since that incident years ago I have no spoken to them, But He is the salty one, I just asked him why he stole it and they never got back to me. @PZT, Laxxe hasn't broken any of the rules here so I never had a need to ban him or anything.   Now to download this monster!
  15. Mugen Archive stole the MFFA Banner when they first came out, I called out the owner on it, and since then the owner of M.A. is salty towards us.   also PZT Laxxe32 quit mugen, YEARS ago. He pop's in once even century. I will download this tomorrow.