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  1. Ryon added an answer to a question How to replace character select character portraits   

    do you have Gimp, or Paintshop, Or Photoshop, or Paint.net ?
    if so, just google " How to index a image in -"
  2. Ryon added an answer to a question How to add custom Gameovers   

    I've never heard of FF3 not being compatible, even if you get the missing mvrs error you can download it from microsofts website.
    in anycase.  DUuuude that is hella messed up, If i wasnt as busy as I am i would help you with this more. Sorry.
  3. Ryon added an answer to a question Vegeta Z2 Problems   

    a custom version? then I think you should provide a link to this version since I've never heard or seen a MVC version of either one.
  4. Ryon added a post in a topic Japanese Onomatopoeia.   

    I'm not sure what you mean?
  5. Ryon added a post in a topic 10 new Stages [Various Games] - Reached the mark of 400 converted stages Wohoo   

    Holy shit. Thats hella impressive!
    tell me what is your ratio for accuracy vs. mugen limitations?
    90:10 ?
    100:0 ?
  6. Ryon added a post in a topic Fresh noob needs help   

    I made a screenpack starter kit, its empty other than the screenpack but its a good size.

  7. Ryon added an answer to a question How to add custom Gameovers   

    ok well. the game over screen is sorta limited.
    you can't do much with it other than a series of animations.
    most people just do a single animation.
    how does that RPG game's gameover screen look? like the picture?
  8. Ryon added an answer to a question ask   

    [State 1000, Projectile] type = Projectile trigger1 = animelem = 1 ProjID = 1000 projanim = 1000 projhitanim = 1010 projscale = 1,1 projremove = 1 projremovetime = -1 velocity = 5,0 projhits = 1 projpriority = 5 projsprpriority = 3 offset = 20,-60 postype = p1 supermovetime = 0 pausemovetime = 0 attr = S,SP ;SCA,NA,SA,HA,NP,SP,HP,NT,ST,HT hitflag = MAF ;HLAFD+- guardflag = MA ;HLA animtype = light ;light,medium,hard,back,up,diagup air.animtype = light priority = 4,Hit ;Hit,Miss,Dodge damage = 75,5 pausetime = 10,10 sparkno = -1 guard.sparkno = -1 sparkxy = 0,0 hitsound = s0,0 guardsound = s0,0 ground.type = High ;Low,Trip,None air.type = High ground.slidetime = 15 ground.hittime = 15 air.hittime = 20 ground.velocity = -8,0 guard.velocity = -2 air.velocity = -8,-3 airguard.velocity = -2,-2  
  9. Ryon added an answer to a question Button Mashing Clashing   

    Answer : Custom States
    You need to put your opponent in a custom state, once in the custom state you have control (limited) of the opponent.
    and you can do things such as clashes.
    Here is an example of Goku Z2 (My idea of the clashing at least)
    If Goku Z2 does Super Kame, and opponent does the Super command, during his superpause.
    a helper will put both players in a different state, p1 in a different state and p2 in a custom state.
    in this state, both the player (Goku) and opponent (in custom state) must then mash buttons (using a variable to count the presses)
    and they be moving a helper or a explod, or some kind of object back and forth between the 2.
  10. Ryon added a post in a topic Popeye the Sailor Man   

    me personally, i dont care. but I feel in the coding world leaving curse words around doesnt really mean much to a person looking at code, especially if you don't know anything about coding and just decide to take a look at the coding.
    Ahhh So you used a template, which template did you use?
    and for the sake of the future and all that, if you used a template then you didnt really code it all yourself, just a technicality.
    also NO i'm not trying to be a jerk to expose you as a liar or anything, I'm just trying to figure out why this coding looks very familiar to me, when you say its your first character. Cause some parts of it looks copy pasta-ed.
  11. Ryon added an answer to a question 1.1 character troubles   

    yeah why would you post a HELP topic in the TUTORIAL section?
    just post in the HELP section, which I moved it to.
    anyways! When you say wasnt working what exactly do you mean? like did mugen crash? did it give you a error or reason why?
  12. Ryon added a post in a topic Popeye the Sailor Man   

    I noticed in your coding you have alot of comments that are really....intense.
    whats up with that?
    also I was wondering were any parts of this character copied and pasted from another?
  13. Ryon added a post in a topic Audiosurf   

    is she dancing?
    ALSO that being said HOLY SHIT! Great job dude!
  14. Ryon added a post in a topic Well, it's my special day on MFFA...   

    You old man you!
    I hope it was a wonderful day!
  15. Ryon added a post in a topic Uncle Plas' BGM Loops   

    I didnt think the frequency was relative to the time ?