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  1. The effects are shared colors with the white on his outfit, if you change the white it changes on everything him and his sprites. I know I'm late but there is no way to properly give him a palette and change the white. all you can change is the blue. @Anastasia , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Stop putting this in your post Gladiolus Amicitia x Anastasia~ It makes your post UNNECESSARILY LONG. You have a signature and you are using it already, please leave it at that. There is NO reason to include that in every single post you make.
  2. i know this was updated somewhat recently but didnt these stages have a issue where the floor would slide around? or was that fixed?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Ryon


      When you say drop do you mean when they are diving to new stages? or the switching part?

    3. Laharl


      I mean switching. you will no longer be forced to switch you can do it when you want too. Thats what I read anyways.

    4. Ryon


      ahh yes that was FREAKING ANNOYING! Middle of a battle and all of a sudden you fall back and go to the next person.. ARRGGHH

  4. I don't think there is a 5th, but more over why are you still using Winmugen? use mugen1.0
  5. Thanks aaaugh!
  6. Im also replying so it seems well. Did you do the permissions so regular members can post to?
  7. new link please. I don't have access to 4shared anymore.
  8. Reminds me of Cable. God I love seeing characters like this!
  9. the only thing i can imagine is you did something wrong. both times. what does the 4830 pack look like anyways?
  10. thats nice, but can you show us in more detail what else we can do with it?
  11. i'm just more in suprised how you were able to copy and paste a table without issue. GOOD JOB!
  12. That table at the bottom of your post... did you copy and paste that from somewhere? or were you using the new Table feature?
  13. I've never had that issue before and I can normally extract those files.
  14. you the best Ryou!
  15. I'll be honest with you. When I made the logo originally. I downloaded random characters and put them in there. then I put the anime looking girl there. I do not remember at all where I found her picture at .... would anyone know?