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  1. Why Is My Mugen Loading

    Your roster is to big. your computer is to slow.
  2. Clone Blood Yagami by Hell

    as a person who has been here for years. Where the hell do people come up with these names. Clone Blood... the hell isnt that like A clone Brother? just call him Brother Iori (Yes he found religion!)
  3. The water looks.... funny.. the parallax is great , it's always a strange look when you make a moving body or water (because parallax get's messed up? when players move) did you try using the parallax in the other direction? for instance if you look at the water now. the water moves fast in the distance but slower close up. did you try making it move slower in the distance at faster close up? I think that would make it look better.
  4. can you share a link to this character?
  5. Pink Lines Around Edges

    you are not setting the alpha color correctly. when you convert your image to 256 color, make sure your alpha color is set to pink
  6. This Coding

    it could be done 1 of 2 ways. 1. it's literally just the animation for the move. 2. I got this info from Alexei, basically you start the balls at point A (player) and then you have them move away at a random velocity in both X and Y directions. after time ticks (time > 10) or 5 or whatever. you use a posset code to move them to point B (enemy) Using a posset as a velocity is extremely tricky. My broli has the code in him, I do not know it off hand.
  7. I feel detached from Mugen.

    Sadly he will not be smash style. im working with difficulty. and i have NOTHING else to do but mugen... so now theres porn.
  8. I feel detached from Mugen.

    I beat that game like 3 rimes. even on the hardest difficulty. thats my nephew playing my PS3. I'm on the PS4 mostly. and I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 3D on the 3DS. FYI guys, I'm working on Chrom, and I may remake Ultraboards Larxene.
  9. So lately i've been feeling REALLY detached from mugen. like I cancelled Kamen Rider 1, and now Im cancelling Chrom... I just have like no drive what so ever. What do you guy's do when you feel your drive to play mugen is gone? (note i said PLAYED not CREATE)
  10. To all the users who contacted me via Contact Us button, Asking to get rid of the limit in the chatroom, and to fix the issues. The chatroom is a addon to Invision Power Board, and it actually requires payment to be active. I did not pay it recently. As for the issues those come and go randomly but I assume this time they are related to the license expiring. So before you go complaining to me about not being able to get into the damn chat room, how about you consider donating to the site so I can keep everything up and running?

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Hey Yo! How's It Goin! It's the CoolAnimeHustler Once Again and I Made a $5.00 Donation to Help the Site! More Fun And More Action For All! MFFA for the Win, Yo!

    2. DuckMannnn


      Wish I could donate but sadly I'm still in middle school so I don't have a credit card to donate yet

    3. Galvatron


      Don't worry Boss start this coming friday me and RoboMonkeyHead is going to start supporting this forum on a monthly bases so everything be all good Yall. :goodmood:

  11. oh shit i forgot to reply. I fixed it. The reason why is because the AI is coded to do the supers with only 500 power. go into CMD file, scroll down to AI parts, then look for the super. it will say something like power >= 500 change to 3000 for it to be normal.
  12. Only Fei Long would have that kick, because that's Fei Long's kick. There IS a KOF Fei Long floating around online. But I have no details other than that.
  13. MUGEN lags when Akame SLASHES! :P

    maybe its coded like that? can you share?
  14. I need something Unpacked for Molebox

  15. Dark Gustab M. ERROR! HELP!!!!!