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  1. Ryon added an answer to a question mugen cant load some of the stages   

    Is this stage exclusively 1.1? or is it 1.0 as well?
  2. Ryon added an answer to a question How do i make an auto combo   

    Would you believe it, I have a video on Auto Combos.
  3. Ryon added an answer to a question Mugen Confirguration Question for TrueType Fonts   

    Using pre-made fonts such as truetype work really well. but the problem I have with them is they are more or less just white and with minor "blur" around the edges.
    you CAN change the colors of them using the color codes after the fonts.
    font1 = 1,0,0 , 255, 255, 255
    Because of the lack of detail in the fonts I find it better to make fnt2.0's in stead, using graphical images.
    This wont help you but i figured why not.
  4. Ryon added a post in a topic Ask D The Red Cloak   

    Looks like i'm not the red knight anymore but a green mage. That settled quick!
  5. Ryon added a post in a topic Ask D The Red Cloak   

    sounds about right, but I dont do matches anymore, you can make a video for me and you!
  6. Ryon added an answer to a question protrait Hastune miku project mugen extend   

    so what are you asking for exactly?
  7. Ryon added a post in a topic Chinese Bootleg stuffs   

    Yeah I'm wondering WHY that happens to me as well.
  8. Ryon added a topic in Ryon's Creations   

    Serena Corsair (Guardian Heroes)

    With this I am 1 character away from making the Main Cast of Guardian Heroes (Randy is the last one)
    Serena has 6 supers, By far the most out of all the Guardian Heroes. PLEASE READ THE READ ME included with her.
    I must admit, I stole some coding.
    I took the snowstorm from Curze's Serena and modified it to work with My Serena.
    Curze's characters are offline and so I'm also including Curze's Serena with mine, Not for comparison sake but rather as a Thank You for making her first.
    Any and ALL Feedback is welcome.
    and before jumps on me for this, there is no jump sound, but there is a super jump sound.
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  9. Ryon added an answer to a question winmugen char problem   

    you can convert the packs yourself but you gotta learn the coding man.
    EVERYTHING is compatible. you just gotta tweak it all./
  10. Ryon added a post in a topic Ask D The Red Cloak   

    Then good sir *slaps you with glove* I challenge you to a duel!
    when your ready.
  11. Ryon added a post in a topic MFFA's Shit Thread: Terrible name for a Bland Shitpost Edition   

    Werewood, seriously dude.
    Come on, why do you have to take EVERY single thing so personally? I look up to you as a creator but as a person, You really need to toughen yourself up.
  12. Ryon added a post in a topic MvC Edit stages by mazermaid   

    OMG those last lifebars are BEAUTIFUL.
    holy shit. Where can I find them?
  13. Ryon added a post in a topic Video Game Series You Want To See Revived   

    DBZ Legend of the SSJ, I loved that game to! I got stuck at the begining though I couldnt get past Raditz, bastard was hard.
    FF6, I agree slap some new graphics keep the same mechanics and new music and release. OH and MUST include the bodyslaming train segment.
    FFX with real actors? seems bleh to me, I never liked FF10, I couldnt get into it.
    I think Rick is the most fearsome out of all of them.
  14. Ryon added a post in a topic Ask D The Red Cloak   

    is this a trick just to increase your post count?
    also Your the red Cloak, I'm the Red Knight. who beats who?!
  15. Ryon added a post in a topic Weezy F. Broly from SSJ9000's series   

    That's actually pretty funny of an abridged. Thanks for sharing that, I didnt download the character.