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  1. Everything is dead, Until RobotMonkeyHead upgrades the community suite.

    1. Galvatron


      Got it! I know RMH is still dealing with his PC troubles but hopefully he be back with us soon.  :-)

  2. Moving Palette

    freaky coding... so... did you solve your own question? freaky coding... so... did you solve your own question?
  3. I think this is a song everyone should listen to! Its from a Mobile game, but it has the feeling of a EPIC Console RPG game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4DElb9c1u8

  4. Moving Palette

    those arent palette related. those are explods and helpers that change colors.
  5. Everyone there seems to be a BIG SNAFU regarding all topics and posting. I will investigate this with RoboMonkeyHead and find a answer. As of now older topics have been archived, and can not be posted in, but you CAN make new topics.

    1. Sheriff Gadget

      Sheriff Gadget

      How long do you think old topics will return to function normally?

    2. Алексей


      Ryon, check the staff area, foo!

  6. The forum is currently being Archived. Because of our huge size this will take a much longer time. I will speak to our headmaster regarding this.

  7. Mistakes you made in life.

    yeah! meeting you!
  8. Not recomended creations/creators...

    Jessica, I'm sorry that this topic turned out the way it did.
  9. *cries* Im so proud of you man! This is truely amazing!
  10. How To Make A Character (Complete!)

    it depends, sometimes people have them already converted, sometimes not. so it all depends on what you download. I would make sure everything is converted before you do anything further.
  11. How To Make A Character (Complete!)

    Yes! I actually did not finish the stage in the video because I messed up, but its the basics to getting it up and running. Yes! It will help you greatly in getting familiar with the most commonly used codes. Sorry that its 10 hours but... yeah! You'd learn something. Thankfully Youtube has the 2x speed feature on some videos.
  12. This is a great tutorial. and this is what I pretty much do , except I do it in a mugen friendly environement (!draw3) Paint is to risky to use because it doesnt properly save indexed images.
  13. in need of a simple code.

    I assume you mean to knock them into the air. in which case add fall = 1 to the hitdef, and set your ground.velocity = -1,-5 change -5 and -1 to desired distance.