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  1. Ryon added a post in a topic Super Saiyan Gohan   

    Does that mean he should remove his left arm to? LOL
    He is not telling him what to do, he is simplying saying and idea. Don't jump the gun at ax.
  2. Ryon added a post in a topic Collection Section General Update   

    People are using the "Contact Us" form to tell me about missing threads.
    Any news on the MK thread?
  3. Ryon added a post in a topic Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku   

    I considered that, but wall bounce is mostly enemy postion , when you corner them the enemy back edge dist is close to 0 (0 meaning the wall) so be wall bouncing them while close to the wall regardless of direction is triggering it to bounce them off the wall.
  4. Ryon added a post in a topic Spyro the Dragon   

    is that a good thing or bad thing??
  5. Ryon added a post in a topic MFFA's Shit Thread: Misogynistic Hate Speech Edition   

  6. Ryon added a post in a topic Vegeta (Extreme Butoden) by Cayne   

    @ Ax, you should make him. Vegeta needs someone to kill.
  7. Ryon added an answer to a question Rendermode Stage Error?   

    get a new computer?.... i don't know.
  8. Ryon added a post in a topic Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku   

    + Fixed Head/Mid Position.
    + Fixed Infinites.
    + Fixed All shadows, It was a over looked issue.
    + Fixed Knock Down issue with Ki Barrage.
    + Fixed Grab/ Floor issue.
    + Added Winquotes.
    Feedback To The Feedback!
    1-Genesis : He has no air ki blasts, the only animation for it, is for his super. Soooo yeah. Oh the bright side you COULD combo into the grab try jumping, Kick, Punch, Grab.
    2-Genesis : Infinite Air Dash, Yes I know Im leaving that part of him.
    3-Genesis : Yes, I know about this to, Sadly because of the wall bounce code and goku teleporting BEHIND p2 off screen, It causes this glitch, I don't know how to fix it, If someone could help me with It i'd be VERY greatful.
    4-Genesis : Of course...win quotes... the bane of my existance!...and throws.
    1-Alex : Thanks for the code for the stand, I didnt know there was a better way.
    2-Alex : I did not set the juggle points originally, I did Up-ed them now, so they infinite combos should not work anymore and if they do its probably much harder now. I really intend for him to be very combo friendly and a little cheap.
    3-Alex : Ki Blasts, Thanks Shadows removed. The holding down Ki Blast thing is strictly for Goku and mainly a Xenoverse reference.
    4-Alex : Ki Barrage, I forgot the knock downs, I completely over looked the guard sounds. I also overlooked the helper shadows, Thank you for reminding me Its fixed now. And I fixed going falling/standing. I had the wrong type, and to be fair I DID NOT just "think you have a black background and say "who cares about shadows?"" I forgot about them because I could not see them.
    5-Alex : I changed it to be const() enemies down ground level.
    6-Alex : How would you fix the sound issue?
    7-8-9-Alex : Fixed this issue, same with the next, and the combo, I lowered the damage of the kicks from 25 ! 19. Please remember he is meant to be a little cheap.
  9. Ryon added an answer to a question The scale of the final flash   

    and for the record its not called FINAL FLASH.
    its called SUPER KO BACKGROUND.
  10. Ryon added a post in a topic Nappa   

    Really? I feel its a good compromise for DBZ characters who can fly into the sky normally.
    You probably don't know of the OLD DBZ characters where they would fly and go straight into the top of the stage, and just get stuck there and you have no way of reaching them LOL.
  11. Ryon added an answer to a question Frieza Z2 by Balthazar   

    Cybaster's office latest version is dated 2014.
    I do not know if that is the most up to date but you can check Balthazar's Website.
  12. Ryon added an answer to a question The scale of the final flash   

    what version are you using and what version is the character?
  13. Ryon added an answer to a question Combo counter display fix, help!   

    There is no need to make a 2nd topic, you could have just replied to your old one with the code.
    Ok looking at the code now, its perfectly fine.
    scroll up to the top of the fight.def and look to see if you have a
    font7 =
    cause your combo stuff is all there.
    OH I should have mentioned, Lifebars are screenpacks are different. You can easily change your lifebars without touching your screenpack.
    Fight.def is Lifebars
    System.def is screenpacks
    They do not rely on each other.
  14. Ryon added a post in a topic Organized HitDef   

    Not at all.
    Here or skype i'm available.
  15. Ryon added an answer to a question The scale of the final flash   

    it depends on the characters mugen version.
    if your using winmugen, there is NO way to do it.... wait... at least I don't think so.
    in 1.0 and 1.1 its easier.