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    In the next few hours, you'll be able to play as the massively-updated Shantae, and Pac-Man, along with a new stage!
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    Calling gaming a disorder is just a bit dumb.
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    0/10. Too much plagiarism.

    0/10. Too much plagiarism.
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    Infernal Spectre

    Grim Patron Man

    A small joke edit of Kung Fu Men http://www.mediafire.com/?1l4o37uu7r5j4wa
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    Please note that AI patches for winmugen characters were set to be always enabled by default. You can set the AI variable(usually 59) in cmd file. And I apologize for uploading whole characters, most of these patches are rather old and I just can't remember what was changed. List of characters: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/utuzgerelgx85/Patches
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    OMG OMG and OMG Haven't been able to login in a whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ile 😍 Feels exactly like im home, Hello FAM and hows ya'll boys 😎
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    That's actually a genuinely nice and awesome way to commemorate an infamously bad MUGEN author. Speaking of which, I'm really glad that The_None decided to tone down his hateful behavior for once, and I especially respect his decision to openly apologize to GooGoo64 himself for all the heat he might have given to him with his character bashing videos. I was always highly irritated by that toxically cynical behavior of his whenever it showed up (basically, everytime), especially since it reminds me too much of myself... and that always pisses me off, fuck myself.